The Black Owl

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It is time,

The sins of man combined,

In a world horror and tricks,

Each one looking for a quick fix.

Run for life,

The time is nigh!

Just to get away,

Leading the innocent astray,

So easy to seduce,

Like a desert of lonely cereus.

The moon wanes,

Followed by a morning of grey!

There’s only one way to bring the light,

That burns in the shadows of the night,

The eyes of the owl,

At night they prepare for the prowl.

Run for your life,

Or get caught in this strife!

Spying the purity of white,

Of eyes with dark foresight,

The next day brings the rain,

Refreshing the cactus of jade.

The moon wanes,

The poison is all that remains!

Swarms of crows,

Black feathers blanket the sky,

One by one they fall,

Plummeting to their doom,

The master speaks to you,

As you wander through the gloom.

Witness the death,

The crushed petals of cereus.

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