The Black Owl

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Truth of Thyself

My dreams haunt the paths I walk,

Dark corridors of reflectionless mirrors,

Down dim stairs of peeling wallpaper,

The pictures of sad faces gawk,

Their eyes of sorrow grow ever clearer,

I now wander in life like water vapor.

I’ve tried to peer into the core,

For the meaning of my existence,

Trying to find the one adore,

Never giving up my persistence.

Through the gloom I foresee,

In fading memories,

Of future victories.

I open door to behold the night,

Of dead leaves and fireflies,

Searching for one who was right,

The one with truthful eyes.

Stranded by my own belief,

I kneel down in grief,

Saddened by the heart thief,

I was the one who broke the chain,

Wishing for my final relief,

Just to understand a grain of sand.

I have lost my love in the rage of my revenge,

So now this journey will never end.

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