The Black Owl

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Lies of Despise

It’s so hard to retrace,

The lines of disgrace,

To hide the obvious mistakes,

To fail at this game of high stakes.

Like a girl’s forlorn wish,

Facing the mirror of truth,

Waiting for approval of bliss,

But the disappointment does not sooth,

The ego of this cold heart,

Is torn apart.

Velvet cape of concealing black,

A waist ribbon of spun gold,

Golden rings of lapis lazuli on every thin finger,

Royal purple beneath,

The scent of arcane and lilac,

Deep indigo under high black arches,

Below is piercing violent green eyes.

Of Evil darkness surrounding,

The woman of fine figure,

Wealth beyond any man,

Regal color of murex,

Pleasant scent of secret knowledge unknown,

The murexes’ color used and abused,

Orbs of anger and jealousy.

Another day of waste,

In her home of dark towers,

The time of preparing beauty in vain,

Agony of failure makes a bitter taste,

Vines of poison envelop the garden of lively flowers,

All under a moon as it wanes.

Far out beyond the castle,

A weed blossoms in darkness,

It’s life like a parasite,

Ready to stop the hammer,

To destroy the one who despises,

A queen of witchery and lies.

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