The Black Owl

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We Are The Chosen Ones

We are the Chosen Ones,

The fallen sons,

Left in a foreign land,

Guided by a blind man’s hand,

Under the fire of guns.

Cruel faces,

In the darkest of places,

We kill for honor,

In a world that bleeds,

We are the dishonored,

In a land that feeds,

It feeds on our fears,

It leads our tears.

I was left to die,

By the man who had lied,

There was no easy way out,

I was left to drown,

We are the Damned Ones,

The forgotten sons,

Left in a familiar land,

Guided by sight of man’s hand,

Under the fire of your guns.

But it was too late,

To say goodbye,

Our spirit is about to break,

Now we have no time to buy,

We cry out,

For our honor,

In a toxic drought,

We are the dishonored.

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