The Black Owl

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Lost in Mania

They don’t want to listen why,

There’s no one on my side,

You need to believe me,

I’m trapped alone in a quiet plea,

I need to be. . .

To be sick,

In this house of blind eyes that see,

Matching patterns of painful tricks,

Here I stand alone,

Surrounded by those ghoulish souls,

Tormented by others of my kind,

Branded and persecuted when the bill was signed,

This is a holy sanctuary,

I will die before your god,

Heathen! The crowd jeers,

In the blink of an eye,

You all will die,

Your souls will be scorched,

In a hoarfrost hell,

Where your torture pleases me,

Oh, beg for mercy please,

Dare to convict the innocent,

Souls of purity ready your descent,

Sorrows made from the reticent,

I won’t stop until I win,

My mind entangled by webs of silk,

Beauty was never meant to last,

Slippery fingers entrance my weakened mind,

My soul desires to be found,

I have nowhere to hide,

In darkness of the light,

I intend to fight,

For my sanity and spirit,

The mirror beneath my feet,

Whispers of horrible feats,

Where the cat resides in the baby’s brain,

Wonder alone and find the lost path,

Here I lost my strength in wrath,

I crossed paths with the wraith,

Cursed to roam in silence,

My lips sewn shut forevermore,

Words escape my mind in fragmented sentences,

This is where I became found by the lost.

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