The Black Owl

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Born to Die

I know he's waiting for me,

I feel him watching,

The sound of fate controlling me,

He's not wasting time,

I will die for nothing.

Let it go,

As I lay crying,

I'm no wasted life,

Open your eyes.

I can hear the death toll bells,

Out in these cold hills,

Where the dead go to die,

In their restless graves at night,

There's no controlling life.

Let it go,

As I lay dying,

I'm just wasted life,

Close you eyes.

Earthly sky,

Dry seas,

Darkened day,

Bright nights,

Will plague your mind,

When your soul dies.

Take me homes,

No point in crying,

I will die,

Among the lightless fires tonight,

A smokeless pyre.

Will you let me go?

Will you take me home?

Will you show me how to die?

I can't pretend I want to go,

There's no point crying...

I was born to die.

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