The Black Owl

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My Setting Sun

If you were here,

I'd drag you further down,

Deep into the ground,

And reveal all your fears,

If you were lost,

I'd only break your trust,

In a silk robe of red lust,

And hurt you no matter the cost,

My one true love.

You could never realize,

The darkness I hide inside,

The lies plaguing my mind,

The sadness I hide inside,

The mask of my kind.

There's a voice,

Inside my head,

Once long since dead,

There was a dream,

Once it was mine,

But now it seems,

It has passed with time.

You could never realize,

The monster I invite,

The horrors unleashed in my eyes,

The beast of mine I invite,

Foretold by the wise.

How could I trust you,

The one I hold so dear,

The cause of my fears,

In a diamond sky of sad blue,

The promise I made untrue,

Oh! My one true love.

I can only say I'm sorry,

My setting sun,

My one true love,

My fading light,

As I rise above,

Like a lonely dove.

My setting sun,

The one and only true love,

My eternal fading light,

As I come at night,

My drowned love.

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