The Black Owl

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The Last Lonely Revenant

Heed the hallowing call,

The desire a man will deny,

For the sorrows are but lies,

The split marrow at the end of the fall,

Hiding a trust bound to fail,

A promise was broken by a fault.

Riding the dust planes for the answer for all,

From the end of the world, he stands ready for the fall for those who cannot fly,

While the failure rules, there are some that believe that they must try.

Heeding the clamor of life, the wildest call,

Desire you nevermore know how to deny,

Sorrow holds time where there is the wrong start of the beginning with a lie,

Where the wind flows from the birth of life to elan, to my fall,

The undeniable truth has failed,

One time to win the prize of your life, another to end in man’s greatest fault.

Like the sacrifice we are wrong,

From the corners of the world, he sets upon a high throne,

The deed can’t be done, the witch will not burn, and the victim is the murderer!

From the hollow grave,

To the light of day!

You are the new messiah,

Though your words were brought forth with no tongue!

We can never corrupt ourselves again,

Through the fires that burn the body and soul!

Like the sacrifice, we are branded one of the damned,

Build a world of suffering from the high throne,

Deeds undone, a witch made your queen, the murderer has been set free!

Undertaking a limitless circle of despair,

Useless is the one who watches,

Upholding the wisdom and wishes, I long for you no more!

I can never corrupt you again,

By my life, you can never die.

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