secrets of a broken soul

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i thought forever would be longer Secrets poured from silver lips, lies fell like tears, a heart always breaks, always

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broken heart

A/N me and my forever friend have just broken up, she has left me in pieces so this is the only update in this story, i had to share it so please understand, you can still comment but this is kinda private, please understand xxx

Forever didn't last as long as as i had expected.
The vows i spoke meant nothing, secrets poured like mercury from a silver tongue and golden lips, lies fell like tears onto a lake of liquid glass, titanium ripples causing shock waves that reverberate through the empty twisted remnants of my labyrinth soul; emanating from the drop of pain. The heart will always break. Always. Dark secrets rage behind a quicksilver mind, the brilliance only sparks once; then ebony obsidian oblivion consumes, good luck surviving the aftermath, dear friend

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