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Small eyes,

Smiling inside,

Hiding beside mine.

In my mind you are for me.


The world,

With me makes three.

There is so much to fear,


Nothing matters more,

Then you,


All the mirrors of all of our past years,

The things,

The people,

The places,

Tempered and touched by time.

The grit the rot and the grime.

All the things that never seemed to last,

And as they happened,

And happened,

And happened,

Sliding by so fast.

Slipping from our fingertips,

Ripped away like the light when our consciousness breaks when we`re hit.

But tonight waits,

And Rachel is lying here asleep.

Her cold hands,

Tired soul,

So stuck in the deep end of a dangerous dark hole,

Blue eyes beautiful,

But black as coal,

Her soft skin succulent,

But sick, stolen and sold.


To where the devil lives.

Clinging on,

To what her life is.


To all the wretched kids.

Small eyes,

Smiling inside.

I can see them,

Lying behind lies.

I can hear the voices calling from the other side of her mirrors,

Ghosts of people crawling,

Crashing through years and years and years,

Of hotel rooms,

City sidewalks,

Coffee shops,

Bus stops,


Hidden in the back seats of parked cars.

Hotel lobbies,

Or anywhere else it’s got to be.

I am seeing you.

The ghost of you passing through,

Calling out in quiet silent screams,

Smashing away at the nightmares dreamed,

Of a father’s touch that cut everything away.

Why did it have to be this way?

It’s just too far,

And too much,

A family,


Small eyes,

I can only tell this:

I am here for you and your young eyes blue.

We have so much more we can do.

I`m asking the universe for some of that time,


Back here behind the mirror.

The blurry moments are becoming clearer and clearer.

What I couldn’t see before,


So please,

Allow her ghosts to go away.

She’s mine now and today.

So stay.


Just stay.

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