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Dreams of Love

There lies an imagining,
A mind’s eye allowing itself,
To build a castle in the sky,
Made of real love.
For this,
A dream is required.
In that dream, the lovers are awash in the ocean spray of teal-striped killer whales with eyes to protect them.
Their defences as impenetrable as their love and respect in an unapologetic honesty,
His line of sight unwavering in its sincerity.
In her eyes they are one.
Before the dream, there was a strength of wonder only shared with the bewildered,
The confused,
Appreciated without reciprocation.
This is different.
She carries the strength of a guardian of epic, ethical gentleness,
Powers insurmountable.
Her inner beauty is unsurpassed,
Untameable and untenable.
The lore of fables.
All this is vital to guard the Achilles’ heel of his strength.
She recognizes that weakness but does not explain or exploit it.
She understands the importance for this and the power that lies therein.
How he is amplified and destroyed by every single person that he lets in.
How he takes the smallest glimmer of hope and reflects the sun.
She is the holistic glue that brings together that force,
And knows when it is far more than he can handle.
Without this kind,
Kind of a guardian,
There are only more and more gifts that become a curse.
His sight is taken by the blind,
His songs are stolen by the deaf,
His blood is drunken by the bloodthirsty,
His stories are lived without citation.
She knows all of these things,
Slowly, gently and in bewildering, instinctual ways.
She understands there is something being lost there,
That needs to find her.
When she knows this,
It reflects itself as rainbows lighting up the Goddess she is within.
It protects her irrevocably,
Even at his own expense,
In each and every instance and through each and every single test.
She knows his gates are cracked and fragmented by life’s erosions.
She understands how past lovers who walked away will no longer be welcomed in the same manner.
She knows he only pretends to be absolutely fearless of dying alone.
She knows he is worth all of this,
If only in her instinct,
Inside a dream within an invisible tear,
She was not supposed to see.
She knows she can pass on this responsibility at any time.
Freedom is life for him,
And he respects it in all others,
Though it makes him bleed.
She may take what there is and move forward with it forever by her side.
But, she may not know how,
He is a light running out of glory.
When he is alone,
He is weak and vulnerable and too many dark forces know it.
On dark nights not really well remembered,
She may not know what waits to hurt him.
And how on one of those nights,
It may be his last.
When there is no guardian there to walk beside him,
He is in danger.
She will need to learn how he is worth something,
Not just by the small comforts that he brings,
By things she can’t possibly understand,
At first.
So much is obtainable from him by time and patience.
He will learn to recognize all of her and see all her beauty.
He will learn to see inner lights that appear to eclipse anything before it.
He has that power of imagination that can make her love first and foremost.
And then there is his power of hope.
It has kept him alive until now.
She must learn to believe it.

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