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Date Application

Please think of this as an application for a situation,
Whereas there becomes a designation of a relation,
Between myself and the lady interested in the presentation of this litigation.
She and me,
Or rather her and I,
Would imply to try at making,
Or at least attempt an investigation into the implications of the state of dating.
Not to expect any situation of mating.
That would require the necessary desire to enquire into another enquiry of the situation of our relation.
I do believe that is proper to begin this at the beginning,
Not to assume at all that it has a finishing.
Am I clear?
Or is the logic of my inquisition diminishing?
Well the long and the short,
The short and the long of all my going on,
Is perhaps maybe on Saturday you might like to date me?
I could be wrong.
Please tell me,
So as I can pull my foot from the roof of my mouth,
Where it’s caught on my tooth,
And move on.
Are we on?

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