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Azure and beryl and cerulean,
I’ve ran so far away to land,
Just for you to take my hand,
I am inside,
A humble man,
I am.
Oh sapphire and royal and indigo,
You’ve never wanted me to end my glow,
And I’ve never ever wanted you to go,
For ten years ahead we’ll take it slow,
I know.
You want me to go.
Cobalt, turquoise and darkened teal,
For you to touch the boy who’ll make you feel,
Somewhere inside where the layers peel,
Something real where nothing’s real,
We’ll heal.
In every moment new with you,
It was always the real you I knew.
From fire and smoke and ash we grew,
And now you’ve taught me a new colour too.
Regardless of all the ways it’s said,
No matter what I tell myself inside my head,
And in spite of all the tears I’ve pretended not to shed,
And all the poems I’ve writ and dreamt and read,
By all the other colours you’ve brought me through,
It can always be for you.
My colour is nothing new.
You share it too.
It’s blue.

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