The Lovers

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Poetry, as it comes to mind, of the etheral, the subliminal and the pathos of mere thought. Esoteric poetry

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The Lovers

They dance huddled close to one another

In the darkness in the light

Swirling around each other, melding here, tearing apart there

One for the need

The inexorable entwining that gives it life, form

To deprive

Hatred feeds without the knowing of it

Without the other, it simply isn’t – so it feeds

Entrapping in every action

It is the aggressive, vigilant, pugnacious one

Gorging itself on the other simply for the doing of it.

Love is the passive one, the silent calming

Releasing with every move, every step

Without the other, it simply is – satisfied

Love feeds because it knows

To nourish

One silhouette gives way to two, then again

One pulls away to be caught at last by the other

One to capture and destroy; the other to release and rebuild

The flux, the fluidity,

the dual sine wave

As the two dance in the light in the dark

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