Poetry: At The Core

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A collection of poems and prose, featuring some in a slam-poetry fashion and trying some different approaches. This poetry and prose collection covers an array of topics and themes including anxiety, anger, sadness, self-actualization, alienation, and many others. Focusing on more raw feelings, and some are even done in a slam poetry fashion.

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Wake Up

With each day I feel fear, the days draw near,

the state of this world becomes clear,

and no matter how hard I steer I can still see it in the mirror,

this epiphany gets stronger, can’t stand any longer,

i’m not growing fond of this futile pondering so I’m wandering,

everyone around me is asleep, no one’s making a peep,

I’ve never herd of something like this, i’m surrounded by sheep,

they look at how differently I think, acting like it somehow makes me weak,

worried I drink a whole bottle in a blink, but I still can’t sleep a wink,

but I am not freak and I am not obsolete, I will not admit defeat,

if I sow my life like these drones then clones will be what I reap

I will not be complete until I wake y’all up,

too much sippin’ on the Kool-Aid in your cup,

you act oblivious like you can’t hear what we’re saying,

it’s gotta be truth cuz man I couldn’t possibly make this stuff up,

puttin’ faith in fake stuff, what you have will never be enough,

I’m screaming because your minds are corrupt and stuck

but my thinking is it’s own style that’s free as a breeze blows, off the cuff so easily

despite it being tough, I know that the rough road I walk will build me up

but I won’t give in cuz I’m tired of giving up

I could stop making a fuss, become like you, a puppet,

afraid to say anything like it’ll start a ruckus,

we’re all plugged up to our phones and we love it,

no, you’re just drugged up in our own little zone,

there’s a reason there’s a button that says “dismiss”, but you can’t resist,

now I’m getting pissed cuz the wicked thing that’s supposed to give us bliss,

supposed to fill that hole in our heart that’s amiss, in reality is just a broken wish,

a computerized cyst that fits on your wrist,

one of many things I wouldn’t miss, throw it away without a goodbye kiss,

now put that shit on your bucket list.

Wake up! You’re living a nightmare

but you’re mind doesn’t sense the fright there,

yeah life’s not fair but you can still bring the fight there,

in darkness you can be the light there,

ignite a flare in spite of others glares and take them out of that blank stare,

don’t let others keep you from doing what you do,

if they forsake you then they only want the fake-you,

if they hate you, then don’t placate, just say “screw you”

baked crews outing you because of their mistaken views,

anchors telling you half-truths to get you hung up on fake news,

don’t take their noose, if you do you lose and you’ll continue to snooze,

all this makes me wanna break loose

Quit snoring, you somnambulist, you can’t handle this,

I will not stop rantin’ this bitter banter until my candor gets this candle lit,

this phantom shtick won’t reveal the truth is inside you,

instead let truth guide you and heal, abide and it can give you something even more real,

yet conformity makes truth hide, you’re too numb to feel,

no agreement, not even the least bit unless it’s mass appeal,

then again could I really draft a rap or pen words to make you act from within?

hack through these past sins, and get a noteworthy reaction?

people seeming more every day to be actin’ just to win,

spine lackin’, a buncha moles that I’m constantly whackin’,

this infectious brain dead collective is widespread happenin’,

like a fungus active that’s infecting everyone

so for the last of us, I say grab a gun and some tough actin’ Tinactin.

So strap in, take it to way back when,

you were a child and everything seemed possible,

even in bad times it seemed awesome, you could just draw some,

that childlike wonder is full-throttle, I’d love to bottle some,

but we got robbed of it and then some,

frost-bitten and numb we’re lost now,

we’re made dumb and we forget where we came from,

so whether it be riches or slums open your eyes to the rays of sun,

get up from your long slumber, it may seem cumbersome,

but you can pass this knowledge to your daughters and sons,

so quit stalling and run, get out from under them,

ascend from this dream , you’ve been a servant working hard for free,

and it’s been way too long that you’ve served kings,

I still keep hope for some in this kingdom,

you’re not too far gone, the race is not done,

awaken from this dream, oh sleeper,

it’s time to finally take action. here…

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