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These are songs I hope to sing in the future These songs are my original work and please I would advise no one to steal my work.

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1 x Walking on those same streets I was brought up from

1 x Seeing those memories as I walk pass by

2 x Those streets I remember from the back of my mind

1 x When I was little and childish


1 x I use to play on those streets which I visit now

1 x When I’m grown and mature

2 x Those memories of the streets I was brought up from now inside my head

1 x I can’t get those memories out of my head since they remind me of my childhood

2 x Now I just watch those streets which I visit now fade away right before my eyes

3 x I’ve grown up

2 x But the memories of me playing on those streets which I visit now won’t ever fade cause this is what reminds me of my childhood back to when everything was fine

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