Heavenly Words

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A book that captures none other than beautiful, sad, and chilling poems. "Heavenly words" contains mainly depressing poems that are easy to relate to. "Step into a scene and let it drip from your fingertips" -MJ Bush

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To be loved

Love is perception

Love isn’t real

So no one can convince me that

People truly care about each other


There aren’t any broken promises


Tell the truth

But Humans

Will never be perfect

And we,

Humans, are broken

So I will never believe that

We can truly love

~Now read from bottom to top~

The color red

The burning color of a rose

The way a heart beats

The light kisses of the sun

The soft flicker of a candle

The blush that heats your face

The way the sky lights up at night


Love is like a flower in the snow

When it wilts you’ll never know

Because it will still be preserved just as it was

Before it ended and died.


Sometimes it’s not meant to be

I guess it’s just time for me to see

How I should go my own way

Instead of thinking of you and me

And since there’s nothing left for me to say

I guess my heart just led me astray

And I’ll just have to find someone else

Or not get hurt and stay by myself.

And sometimes even when I’m sad

I know I’ll just have to appreciate what we had

But no matter what I do

I’ll still love you…

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