Dear Coraline

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Four walls

I look up to the stars

And I wish I could see the universe

The way the sun burns in the darkened sky

The way constellations flow like a river down a stream

To feel the earth turn under my feet.

To follow the leaves carried by the wind.

But I am a small being

And the universe is disastrously vast and wondrously deep.

And there are things I want to do

That call to me in the beating of my life.

Shall I be content with watching the rivers dance?

Feeling the faint souls of trees

As I pass them by?

Shall I be content with my four walls?

As I try to build something that will be lost

In the expanse of the universe?

That might not even be built in time?

Shall I run forward

Grasping it by its horns

Dragging the heavy chains behind me

And push forward

Fight the universe for my small twinkle in the light?

After all

It is for naught

Empires fall and cities rise in a mere blink

Of the universe's eye.

And knowledge is lost much faster.

But I remember

Oh I remember

Stories of gods that have been all but abandoned

Of past kings poisoned

Of rebels that left their ever-fading mark

And I know

They meant something

To the people who lived.

They inspired

They tortured

They loved.

And though it was fleeting

Though it's all since lost

I can't help but believe

It was worth it

And I know

My four walls are worth it.

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