Dear Coraline

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A monster enters

"They're not cracks" Its voice ghosts my neck

He's all teeth and sharpness

Black and gooey

"You're just...empty"

His voice sinks my stomach


He hums

"You're nothingness"

There's silence in this void


I think I preferred death

It's going to hurt

Echoes my mind

Oh but does it ever.

I've always known that I was nothing

I was emptiness

and darkness

all rolled in one.

I just feel it now.

"Oh, no, no."

He tuts

His claws are gentle on my skin

Yet they still cut.

"Do not think of this as a bad thing my child"

I look up at him

Eyes wide

"Emptiness is a gift."

My breathing hitches

"Wounds heal, scars fade.

But emptiness

Oh emptiness

You can fill with all sorts of things"

His grin widens


and -

"Tell me, dear.

What are you made of?"

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