Dear Coraline

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These are the children that cannot love (requiem)

But in all of life. I believe there is hope.

I remember the strides in my life that I have taken.

The progress I have made.

The people in my life are different. They are the people who I don't have to romanticize.

Yes. They have their faults but so do I. And the people I could not love.

Those people.

I don't think I would have wanted to.

For none of them truly cared. None of them really cared enough to look at me and realize how much pain I felt.

How much I was folding into myself. Making myself as small as possible to not be seen. To not be heard.

To not be alone.

Yes. I now take a long time to let people in. yes, it's sometimes longer than it should be. I still believe each time that I am not truly invited.

That these people do not truly care.

But they are mine.

And now, when I feel the scrunch

When I finally feel the loving face I pull. The love in the corners of my eyes.

They seep into my soul.

And it is there.

And though it took me ages.

Though it started with a little crack that shocked me to my core. Now.

Now. It's like a breath on my soul. A warm feeling of full.

I can love. And I will love.

And there is hope.

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