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Different event with Different Minds. Personalities and Soul. Tragedies and Love. Excitement and Hurt. Read them all, and feel what they feel. A book full of mysteries and desires of the heart. what one was to do, or what to happen. a page, each filled with stories.

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J.N Williams
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Densed in vast number -lined and equally spaced. As she flew in all her excruciating pain, sorrow and broken vows.

That tall muscular man, lenient and attractive. Filled with nothing much of tri-syllabic words that caught all the women -including hers. Drenched in passion and heartfelt compliments. It swoon any breathing entity.

His usual routined white shirt with khaki brown pants, that dangled against the dusty floors. His Royal aura vibrant as he paraded around the compound. Chest out, and well puffed. He was a man of buisness and power. At least that’s what he would portrait outwardly.

It was always loyalty and care.

Love and passion.

A man of Family and Honnor.


He was a man of trickery and mischief.

Arogance and mal-tempered.

A man that easily turns away an eye upon any who are pleading a beggars hand.

A man who spites the innocence of maidens and laugh devilishly at their defenceless self.

She spitted upon the paper as she wrote, vained at the mere flooding all of those agonizing memories the creature of Hell pondered on her.

Marking her -scaring her exitence with eternity.

How his calm alluring voice spoke her name. How he would show so much interest in her abilities and life. The Prince Charming of all the lady’s of any century, till today.

But it all played well with his act.

A single tear spilt carelessly on the paper, then another. Then another. Salty drops of unwanted memories. Memories that not even our Almight deity could erase.

Memories that required death to make forget.

How he held her hands -fingers entwined one Devil-may-care night. The two souls perstering about some silly thought, as he insisted on bringing her to her homey abode.

Once they’ve reached, he gestures for a kiss on the cheeks and she dumbfoundedly accepts as a kind way of expressing her formality. But he wanted another, as he snaked a defiant arm around her waist.

Pushing her body -pressing her femininity all over his chest. Arms secured making sure she doesn’t have the intentions of leaving. Trapped in a vulgaring man’s cage.

As the tragedic night flows, she wakes up tired and beaten on her couch. Lower dress raised, torn and worn out, as her hair messy and tossed.

Clear wet plastic drowning in foreign liquid -disgusting and repulsive, litering her coffee table. Evidence layed around proudly showing off his brutal abussive act.

No shame tinkered.

She screamed in anger, at that. The supposed letter of witness crumples with the anger she had.

How can such a fine young man with so much care be so cruel and selfish. How blind was she to believe he was nothing like the others.

She whipped away the final tears as she ironed the crippled paper. Hidding away the evidence of her anger. Nevertheless it was already seen by the man in blue.

As he was now standing beside her, eyes soft and sympathetic. A shy winking smile masking him. But she showed no bother.

All men were Devils and demon possessed. Havocing creatures aboding in Hell.

She placed her final point, as she folded the material. Placing it neatly in an envlope. Its address being the high commissioner of the Police station she was witnessing in.

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