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"I will be in New York City // Standing at the top of the world // Looking at the lights // Not because I want to jump // But to enjoy the view." a look inside my soul { DISCLAIMER: This book is not here for reviews or likes, although they're appreciated. This book is solely loose and unpolished thoughts and poems that flowed directly from my mind onto the page. And it is just something that I wanted to share, for those who are interested in reading. To be honest, I would rather you check out my other work before this book. But if you ever feel down and feel like you're alone in whatever you're going through, just know that this is here. This is me, filter free. And I hope you take away something from this if you decide to continue reading. I just wanted to say that, I know this isn't perfect. That's the point. Thanks for reading and being awesome. Enjoy. }

Poetry / Other
Leah Goodman
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I’m trying

Even if it’s hard to see that.

I know you can’t see the ocean that I’m drowning in

You can’t see that I can’t breathe

But that doesn’t mean that it’s not happening

I’m trying my best

And that’s all I can do from where I sit

I'm done crying and puking and sweating and drowning in suffering silence simply for your benefit

And for my benefit so that I take away any aspect of my life that you won’t understand

I ask myself questions

On a daily basis

I ask why I’m here if I can’t seem to keep my head up and make it to the shoreline like everyone else

I ask why I was given these oceans to cross that are only visible to me

I ask why there are extra bear traps clamping down on my ankles out of nowhere

I ask why my dark woods seem to be darker

I ask if I should stop

I ask if I should let go

But then I look around me and I see

Even if YOU don’t understand

That I’m not the only one suffering

Everyone has their things that they have to fight

Sometimes I forget I’m not alone in this

I’m trying

And so is everyone else.

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