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All of my poems! These poems I have written my self. Each poem is in a different chapter. Most poems are on random objects that have meanings. More poems coming soon! EnJoY! :)

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Dead Inside

I'm dead inside

And sometimes I feel like I want to die.

I’m depressed

And obsessed with someone that I know I’m never going to get.

I have major anxiety

And I feel like it’s taking over my life and attacking me.

I hate my dad with all of my heart

Sometimes I wish I could restart.

I have very low self-esteem

I’m lonely sometimes it seems.

I may smile but, I'm breaking inside.

I sometimes look sad in school as invisible tears fill my eyes.

I have so many thoughts, my mind is crammed.

Sometimes I want to disappear and be banned.

When you look at me I'm crying inside.

My heart has been hurt a lot of times.

Some days I feel like I want to die.

I'm dead inside.

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