A Teenager's Mind

By Slytherclaw Empress All Rights Reserved ©



A teenager's mind can be many things. It can be a happy place, it can be a gloomy place, or it can be both. Explore the thoughts of a teenager's mind with my poems.

Family to a Girl

Family to a Girl

Family are the ones we love,

not the ones who are our blood.

Family are the ones we choose,

the people who help us bloom from our bud.

Fathers are not the men who got your mother pregnant,

but men who understand that you are your own person.

Fathers are not the men who hold you in an iron grip,

but men who understand what will make the situation worsen.

Mothers are not the women who gave birth to you,

but a woman who will hold you and listen when everything goes wrong.

Mothers are not the women who held you in her womb,

but the women who tell you that you are strong.

Sisters are not the people who share a mom or dad,

but girls who know everything about you, good and bad.

Sisters are not the people who you fight with on the daily,

but instead girls who cheer you up when you’re sad.

Brothers are not the boys who you avoid at all costs,

but the boys you visit whenever you can.

Brothers are not the annoying family member you ignore,

but the young men who hold you when it was to him you ran.

Family isn’t the people who share your genes,

but the people you chose to love.

Family isn’t the people who hold you down,

family is who fit with you like a hand in a glove.

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