Broken Heart and Other Poems.

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The Grimm Reaper

I always frown

When I think of the man who is unknown

Who wears a horrifying black gown

And on his head rests a crown

For he is a king in his own town

They say he is very daring

As he comes without warning

To take what is his without asking

When you are least expecting

He could be delaying

But he definitely never stops working

So that you might even think he is joking

But what he will do is shocking

He does not care about your location

Neither does he care about your profession

He does not consider any donation

You cannot server his connection

Neither can you stop his expedition

He does not have any emotion

And nobody opposes his declaration

Just like a king who rules without a constitution

He will leave you paralyzed from action

Stealing souls is his occupation

And he does his job to utter perfection.

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