Broken Heart and Other Poems.

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Heart Break

As I sit on my wooden chair

I wonder if we were meant to be a pair

I can only cry out in despair

As I gasp for air

Oh! How I enjoyed touching your hair

When you were still there

When I met you, I thought I had found gold

Maybe because I because I believed what I was told

When you were with me, I used to be bold

But now I feel like I'm growing old

My heart that I gave you, you sold

Now there is a dark bottomless void

In my cold light-less world

Our love was definitely not a race

Because it went at a steady pace

Until you disappeared without trace

If only you had told me to brace

For this tragedy that I was about to face

You will never return even if I shout

So I guess I will keep on wondering about

With no choice but doubt

As there is no way out.

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