Broken Heart and Other Poems.

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A Song To The Wise

Temptations may arise

But they are nothing to the wise

Always aim for the golden prize

But you must be willing to pay the price

And before you do anything first organize

Don't just roll the dice

Stand tall and firm like a pine

Do not be tempted by the wine

Show them you are stronger than they imagine

And never let anyone darken your shine

Do not break easily like a block of clay

And however hard it may be, don't sway

Because success is like a blocked way

Which can only be opened if you pray

And give God a place in your heart to stay

Always remember, work as hard as a housemaid

And in the end you will definitely get paid

The amount of effort that you put

Will surely determine the final output

There is nothing more to add

Pardon me if I have said anything bad

What needed to be said has been said

Those who have ears have heard.

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