Broken Heart and Other Poems.

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Good Bye Old Friend

I wonder if I am dreaming

Or just hallucinating

I try to escape this ugly reality

But I can't as it is beyond my ability

Your absence has turned my world upside down

And I feel as if my stomach has been flipped inside out

But I'm certain without any hint of doubt

That you were a person with a mission

You were a person to admire

And you never failed to inspire

All I can do now is to cry

Till my tears run dry

Why did you have to leave so early?

If only I could bribe death

So I could bring you back to earth

The wound that you left will never heal

And there are no words to express how I feel

The void that you left can never be filled

I feel like I have been stabbed with a spear

And your absence has shifted my life into a new gear

Which I doubt I will be able to bear

To me you were very dear

Why did you have to leave so early?

Without even giving me a chance to say good bye.

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