Broken Heart and Other Poems.

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A Man Called Death

He comes even to those without sight

And when he arrives, he chases away the light

Leaving forth nothing but the dark night

Him, you cannot resist or fight

Even if you beg, he won't listen to your plight

He cares not about your wealth

Neither does he care about your health

He does not care about your worth

Neither does he care about your position on earth

He works restlessly as if sworn to an oath

And trust me he exists, he is not a myth

He smiles in the event of a birth

Because that would give existence to the death

Some say he is crazy

But definitely not lazy

He is not after cash

And he is usually not in a rush

But that does not mean he is not harsh

He cares not if you are a doctor

Or even a bus conductor

Don't worry he is not a selector

He does not care if you have a protector

He might come slowly as if driving a tractor

But he works flawlessly according to his role like an actor

As he takes his job as an important factor.

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