A pocketful of Shreds

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Poem book- short and long for everyone! Poetry of the soul

Cher Lemmon
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On the edge!

The autumn wind was carrying the breeze of falling leaves, the scent of oak ruffled my mind, the wind blew through my hair intruding with rush to my left ear, whispering with an urge;


I finally open my eyes.. slowly and the last tear left fell down, the drop gliding along my frozen cheek to the chin and it was burning.

I felt it... it came from the heart, and the end was near, the pieces of my broken heart were melting just like an ice cube in a whiskey shot.

There will be nothing left to attach again.

The world was careless, each moment of sadness I have had was sliding in front of me...the pain was growing in me formidably pushing me further to the edge ahead.

The world was careless and so were the people around me, why would the wind care, it has seen more afflictions of this heartless world and has wiped warmer, painful tears away;

"Why would you care"...I suddenly screamed out loud with my throat parched.

Once I had something and now nothing!

Will this closure make me feel better although after this I won't feel anything at all!

The enraged water below my frozen feet bumps to the vast rocks like the river is in chase, the brisk was comparable to a horse race!

The sob of my heart was wrapping me with a sheet of fire and anguish.

Once my spirit had glorification and now despair.

Will I ever break free, or be broken to infinity.

They say time heals wounds and there will be scars left just to remind us of a doleful moment, but this was too much to carry on my own.

The iron handrail seemed curled around my frigid hands as if it won't let me go, the cold has reached my bones as if it has created icicles.

The bitterness is reaching its rim and I want to breach free... for once more I turned my gaze to the sky, oh Goodbye world Goodbye, I won't miss you as you won't miss me, and enduring I am giving this a last cry.

Aback a voice broke the silence "cut"... finally the act came to an end.

P.S. Life has been given to us only once and every burden that will guide us through life will lighten with time and patience, girls on the edge... turn around and live your life to the fullest and smile, none deserves your despair and moment of giving an end to your precious life.

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