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A pocketful of Shreds

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Tears and fears

Nightmares hunt me every night!

A mouth wide and eyes that shout.

Nightmares hunt me in every sleep,

running and hiding and still no escape.

Arms all around me and my legs being pulled!

Suddenly I fall on a blooded floor.

Wolfs chasing and snakes crawling,

as I run out of a hall howling.

I feel tears coming but I've got no strength.

They're heavy as I try to shed,

I imagine my beloved die.

Than tiny little stones with thorns drop out of my eyes,

I try to stand still and figure out how?

A shadow reaches and kisses me soft, I let out a breath

I was holding so hard.

I wake up and realize all was a lie,

My tears and fears fade as I embrace my man tight.

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