Survivor's Remorse

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Ongoing poetry anthology that includes songs, poems, prose, lyrics, and haikus. Check it out! This poetry anthology is a collection of poems written by myself with the constructive feedback of a few English teachers and professors over the years that saw my talent in writing early. This poetry anthology is in dedication to them showcasing where I began and highlighting where I plan to go in writing. Thank you specifically to my Advanced English & Advanced British Literature teachers at George Washington High School and English Composition professor at Old Dominion University my freshman year; to everyone who never gave up on me and mostly to my children, my sister and brother, my grandmother, mother, father, and my lover and my entire family for inspiring, motivating and supporting me more than anyone residing on this good green Earth. I owe you everything and could never possibly repay you.

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The Mime's Mask

Written January 9, 2004

Drag me away from the pain, the cold.

Drag me away from growing old.

Drag me away because I’m scared of the past.

Drag me away or I will not last.

Drag me away, oh dear God, please!

I’m begging you to please not leave.

Drag me away from the present that I’m currently in.

Drag me away because my existence already died within.

Drag me away God, please don’t leave me here.

I’m dying from the inside out with life’s piercing spear.

Drag me away because there’s no way out.

Please don’t leave me here to wander about.

I look up, down, right and left.

I’m scared because I can’t take another step.

My life stops here and I don’t know why.

All I know is that all I can do is cry.

I can’t do this alone and no one’s here to help me.

It’s like dying in a burning house with no one there to save me.

So, drag me away to a new place, a new time, no end.

So, I can start over and escape the mime that I live in.

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