The Poems of My Past

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Sometimes the past is what we remember. These poems were written back when I was younger. I recently decided to publish them. They are an expression of how I felt at the time.

Poetry / Drama
Mariana Cottongin
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Words and Lies

Words and lies all start with I’s

I can’t I won’t I don’t, come on

Do you not understand that I might need a hand

To know there’s something truly wrong

Without a doubt im truly stout

Asking on and on

Why did you lie and not say why

We had an issue

I need a tissue

Oh great an I

I guess it’s a lie

Just like my life

Oh what a trife

My life, my pain

Just dulled in rain

Muffle muffle cough cough

This just goes on and on

You don’t say

I try to play

Now there goes unworded pain

When I talk

You want me to stop

Why didn’t you ask

Instead you kept me in the flask

Now we’re struck in a cycle

Get the bicycle

This journeys long

I cant walk or stand to long

My feet are weak

My knees fall deep

I created such non- acceptance

In my mind I was fine

Until the dam broke loose

Drowning shouting

Do you care if I die counting

Counting the times i’ve been betrayed, hurt, and played

Finding out how many times i’ve had doubt or lied about.

Being so little when they took the fiddle

I can no longer glide along

Walking taking being socially blossomed.

My string of life being cut by pain

But once again I tried to play

But my string of life broke down

So why do I keep talking

knowing I burned my lot?

My need to help or to be equal throughout

Never intending to set the fire.

I try my best to set the net,

to keep my friends close by.

But the net gets torn

Then they all go bye

So great no more sad friendships.

Hate and pain good times and laughter

Is all a endless cycle

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