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She looks in the mirror and doesn't see herself as beautiful. She sees someone who's broken and sometimes sees a monster. A girl who is self-conscious and wants to look beautiful. She only sees the negatives and wants to be beautiful for that certain boy.

Poetry / Romance
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She looks in the mirror and doesn't see herself as beautiful. She sees someone who's sometimes sees a monster. Her name means "beauty" and she sighs when she hears it. She doesn't listen to any compliments because she sees what they don't. She sees big, frizzy hair that looks insane. A fat face with a big nose and weird lips. An ugly smile and ugly laugh. A stomach that goes further than her chest and it seems like it just gets bigger. Huge thighs and a big butt that isn't what society makes it out to be. Big calves connected to long feet. She looks at her hands and sees the bitten nails and peeling skin. She can't help it, it's not her fault that her beautiful brown eyes just see her imperfections. She sees other people's imperfections as perfection, but hers are just that, imperfections. She tries to be positive but fails. She doesn't see herself as perfect, and probably never will but just knowing that one special person does makes her have faith. She wants to be perfect, and she believes that includes beauty. She's afraid to see what they see because she thinks she won't be as beautiful as they make her out to be. She still gets up every morning and looks in the mirror when brushing her hair. She practices her smile and laughs a bit more. She does a whole routine to make herself feel beautiful. At the end of the day, she remembers when he said her name. She remembers how it means, "beauty". She just wants to be beautiful to him, and she already is.
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