Poetry from Pain (Book One)

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Poetry on pain, death, depression, and survival. Not for the faintest of heart. Some poems have the date they were written next to the title of that poem

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There are words that can’t be told. They aren’t told because of fear. Fear of judgment. Fear of pain. And loneliness. You feel like you are the only one who feels this. But no. You aren’t alone. Because these words are not to be told by many even though that’s all we want to tell.

To find a way to escape a pain so surreal. A pain that only ones with it can understand. People think it is loneliness. Or weakness. But depression is so much more.

We feel alone because we are afraid to say the words that we want to be spoken. The words that need to be spoken. It is not something that can be described. Because it is impossible to describe. Others, think they understand, but they can’t unless they are in your shoes. But there are others out there in your shoes.

Fighting their own battles. A battle so similar. Because depression is a war between your heart and mind. Your mind wants to die while your heart wants to live.

But depression is so much more. It's a pain that can’t be explained, fully. No matter how hard you try. People won’t understand. Even if you said the words that are trapped in your heart.

But maybe those words would help them understand a little. So your chest is not as heavy. Because they might not understand, but they can try if they listen and if you have them listen.

These words are caged and will rarely be said in person or to someone who knows you in real life. But the words in your heart will help you heal if you let them be heard. That’s the only way to win a war that will go on forever. All it takes is to real lease those unsaid words.

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