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cross the river of life with me. with us. in love, in pain, in hope, in suffering. finding deliverance, transcendence, inside. life has chosen to pull me to the depths of wherever my mind can go, and inside is a world that remains unexplored. In every vicinity of my soul is filled, with wonders even I haven't seen. Inside is a city of thoughts and feelings and I am the only inhabitant left to roam it

Jared Max
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I dwell among the places where heaven and hell meet,

Seeking to remove me from the spaces that cleave my heart too deep.

Every step in time, I see the stars and planets of people align,

In every moment, in every observable intertwine,

I sit in the throne of within my mind,

And see the space that retracts every personification in my life.

In every experience, words overflow from the peak of my tongue,

Ready to be written, waiting to be given,

To the people willing to care,

To the people willing to be shared.

Of the thoughts that linger in my mind, heart, and soul,


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