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The world is big, but can I​ be bigger? Can I preserve myself in a world that loves to change imperfection​? Let's​ find out. What I see is a collection of poems I​ wrote was a young teenager going through some rough times. I felt as if there was nothing left for me and had no real way to express or even understand​ what I​ was feeling. This is raw, unfiltered​, work. I hope you enjoy this book and realize that you're​ never alone in anything that you are going through.

Poetry / Drama
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The World Around Me Is My Cage

We live in a dome, Almost like a cage.
The world around me is my cage.
It keep me stepping out of line, but what if thats all I’ve
ever wanted, To step out of the invisible line made by the people in my life.
The world around me is my cage that I will ,one day, break free of.

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