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Mostly love poems, but there are also others that pertain to my life and deep feelings that I play around with. This collection is filled with love poems, but there are also others that pertain to my life and deep feelings that I play around with. Please give me some feedback on the poems that you enjoy or some constructive criticism on works that I can improve.

Poetry / Romance
AnnRea Fowler
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Through My Tears, Thinking of You

Walking through the wildflower

grass to where you lay,

I curl up on your hill

and pull out my current read.

I pet the green grass, soft like fur.

and roll over, wishing I could get closer than I am now.

Two weeks ago, I held you for the last time.

I softly rocked your lifeless body

in my arms, tracing patterns into your fur.

There I sat, looking out at the farm,

swaying with you in the wind

that moves the waves of golden grain in the field.

If I could pick my dreams,

I would always dream of you,

of running fast and never tiring

of throwing the tennis ball,

of being by your side and giving

you all the attention you ever wanted.

You would rest by my side

and for the first time, be able to tell me

how it feels when I leave,

even for a brief time;

how exciting it is to go for a walk;

what it is your nose smells in the grass;

and the feeling of the breeze flying through your fur.

In my dreams, there is a phone

so you could call and tell me about heaven

or send me an email with picture attachments

to tell me that you’re happy and healthy.

only you could say the words that properly comfort.

Back here on Earth, I wish your yellow body

was contrasting with the green grass of the field.

I wish my tears could once again be soaked

up by your fur, slowly making their way

to your pink skin with the hopes

that they could somehow heal you.

Someone told me that dogs never smile,

but you always found something to smile about.

and through my tears,

thinking of you, I have, too.

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