Shred the Evil Eye

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Collection of my recent works of poetry. Every day, self-hatred combats my self-esteem. I kept myself silent by the tongue; however, I bleed ink for salvation. This life of misery for the family is either a curse or they have a bad omen: me. Trigger Warning: Self-Harm and Abuse Sensitive Language Anxiety and Depression

Ace Melee
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Bad Omen

Confession and Sin

Deeply buried in the divine.

Saints and sins reign the world.

Chasity veiled in prayer- set to the nunnery.

Dominance cleanses the filth in the souls- an ode to Priesthood.

God and monarchies rule the world.

Music, harmonizing arts, and the journey of life.

Unfortunately. Dystopia lingers in utopia.

Even in purity, there is infidelity.

Darkness is contagious with the sickness!

Every nemesis has mischief up their sleeves.

Humans keep in their prayers and their confessions

Shall will themselves into safety, otherwise, trapped and gone.

Hell is not only a blazing fire

With a thousand wails and damnation!

Death and plague is in the air;

Every look and breath is lethal.

Numerous deaths upon the cobblestone streets.

Riots and anarchy wildfires the sins.

It is not the angst of God,

Nor the lyre from the devil.

Adversity can live between above and below.

No one can hide from karma;

Karma has a keen eye to hunt.

No matter how much they flee, they are found.

Misery can be a person, an animal, or a celestial being.

Those marked in its path have nowhere found peace.

They either accept the hideous curse or attempt to fight it;

The battles always end in defeat.

If Adam’s sin is to mortality,

So does misfortune is to challenges.

The reminders buried their sorrows deep within literacy and arts;

A mark too great to hold it within themselves.

The five wits can spread the taste of woe.

Even if they obtain good deeds, malevolence always shows.

There is no way to blame, other themselves

Once they witness the destruction surrounding them.

The Plagued Witch

“The craft of the devil is always exposed by God!

This woman today is here for going against God’s law!

A vile creature is inside of her- a demon!

It created the rot in the flesh and it spreads!

Almighty God, she is a witch; we shall set fire upon her,

In order to smite the wrath of the devil!”

The roars of the executioner and shouts of the crowd.

Why did it have to end this way?

I am human; I possess emotions, wills, and reason.

Pain bestowed me with a gift of reaper’s touch

Plague trails everywhere I go,

Why was I the bringer of death?!

O’ Archangel Michael, help thee.

Lord the Great, please emerge from the skies, the Heavens above!

I confessed my sins to what I’ve done;

However, the Black Death keeps spreading from my fingertips.

Nature is not spared from this black halo.

I am losing everything I love, and humans I know.

“Our people have judged and so did God.

Bewitching shall condemn you to the depths of Hell!

Thy indulgence and confessions unveil false in prayer.

Heathens are treasons of God; you don’t belong in Heaven!

Lady Genivere, any final words to testify,

Otherwise, let God have mercy on thy soul!”

“I pray to seek the Lord for forgiveness.

My pity, burdens, sorrow, and grief.

I belonged to this society.

From the loss of Lady Penelope, my dear sister,

And watching what I love vanished into blackness.

I seek death to cure thee of this hex!”

The cries of the crowded transit into a celebration.

Hopelessness aches into my heart.

While the fire escalates the heat.

I can feel the gates of Hell opening up my skin.

I long to be with my loving sister again in Heaven.

That hope has forsaken thee; “the Plagued Witch” is dying alone.

Harp of Oblivion

Bliss inside adolescent;

Life was a fantasy dream and free will.

In my ending, that freedom perishes into ashes.

As luck’s nemesis, I will not die in my lover’s arms;

I will be slashed by a murderer.

The childish hearts long to stay blinded by the warm sun.

Feel the aura of darkness around me;

Countless amounts of running never lead to an escape.

Luxury is a mirror, easily in smithereens.

It is evitable of what and who I love is gone.

As the world keeps going around, my head keeps spiraling into madness.

Tell me why did I deserve this thorn?

It was nothing in youth; however, I now see shadows dancing in my eyes.

Chaos always follow me everywhere I go;

Everyone feels pain, suffering, and death looming.

I try to tell it to scatter away and leave me at peace-

It never listens to me.

Besides, part of me feels that destruction is a symphony, music to my ears.

One day, the curse will take me away too.

My innocence is still in my eyes

And it can take it away if it desires.

In the night, I fear what happens if I close my eyes,

Meanwhile, I dread tomorrow

Until lethargy takes over my mind.

If your luck is not on your side,

It is best to never smile;

Misfortune will grow into your life.

I shall warn you is to never break the mirror;

The snap of emotions will make the portent worse.

Adversity’s company turns your demise slow and agonizing.

I wish that life will improve;

Breathing will be easier and the splintery steps will clear.

The light inside of me shines out the evil.

Darkness will not be harmful anymore.

Currently, that is my fantasy confabulating;

Therefore, I am not a human-A bad omen.

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