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Artificial World

The flowers are dying but the grass is alive

Our souls are wild but we are not free

This is our story

It’s not a very happy story

It’s a story of being trapped in the beauty

And damned to our bodies

We are all just being pushed into reality

We are monsters

And the creators are laughing

Laughing at our pain and our pleasure

We should regret but instead we keep going

Until we can’t breath

We gasp for air but death takes us mentally

I am that bird with the broken wing

The sick tree that needs to be healed is sent

To the dark room

Chop! Chop! Chop!

This is an artificial world now

Certainly not the creators organic world

We rely on technology

But we were meant to let nature give us what we need

Now we are all saying fuck you mother nature

And she is punishing us with confusing seasons

And sunshine paradises

And the snowy Hell

But we deserve it oh yes we do

We have thrown off the balance

We are attempting the unnatural

With our AI cars

And our cellular devices

And our laptops

And our Apple products

And so on and so on

Welcome to the artificial world

Where the air is slowly killing you

And the jobs are few

And the children are being raised by things

And everything is silver and not green

I know I was here at the wrong date but maybe we all were

Perhaps our timelines have went nuts and now

We are where we not belong

But that’s just crazy talk that we will save for the insane

The artificial world is here to stay

The organic world that was intended is almost dead

And we are not free we are not fucking free

We are imprisoned by our modern world

And tainted too far to come back

We will never be wild

And we will never be free

We can’t hunt

We can’t live outside

We can’t live without internet

And so on so on

We are children of the dirty artificial world that has civilized us

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