We Are Made of Stardust

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Never in my life

Have I ever felt so alone.

No one texts.

No one calls.

No one invites me out.

No one reaches out.

No one cares.

I sit by myself

Trapped in a world of silence.

Tears gently rolling down my cheeks.

Waiting for a message that will never come.

Not wanting to reach out first for fear of rejection,

fear of being too needy or annoying.

Is this what it feels like to be alone?

Isolated from anyone who cares?

Away from people who give a fuck about me?

I’m forgettable.

I’m nothing.

I’m not special or different or standoutish.

I blend into the background,

a side character in a movie about my life.

An extra never destined to be the star.

Is this what it feels like to be alone?

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