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Like Me Too

I catch your eye from across the room.

I smile and blush and look away.

I try to make conversation,

Even if it’s just small talk

Because I want to know you better.

My heart races when I think of you.

I like to listen to the sound of your voice.

I think you’re sweet and cute and wished I knew more about you.

I’m not sure if you think of me the same way,

Or even if you catch all my dropped hints.

My friends make fun of me and hype me up to talk to you,

To tell you what’s really on my mind.

But I’m too shy and awkward to make things weird between us.

I only wish I knew how you felt about me.

Because that would make things easier.

But I’m not direct and I’m not assertive.

But maybe one day soon

You’ll figure it out.

And maybe, just maybe, you’ll like me too.

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