We Are Made of Stardust

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Moved On

A month ago you said you loved me.

A month ago you said I was the one.

But now you’ve moved on.

Like I was nothing.

Like I meant nothing.

You’ve hurt me three times in the same amount of months.

Things that I said were fine and then cried over when I was alone.

And I kept taking it because I thought you loved me.

That if I loved you enough that it would be okay.

That if I forgave you over and over maybe things would be better.

But you only led me on.

You told me she’s the one for you.

Because I was missing something.

I guess I just don’t understand

How you could be so cruel to someone who loved you so unconditionally

Did you just use me?

Did I just miss the red flags?

What did I do that made you run so far away so fast?

You moved on.

But me?

I’m still stuck here

Wondering where I went wrong.

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