We Are Made of Stardust

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I saw a picture today

Of you and her

I sat in my room and cried

Because I didn’t how to feel

I feel used

I feel dirty

I feel cheated

I feel lead on

I feel heartbroken

I feel empty

I feel useless

For months you lead me on

Telling me that I was one

Pretending to care

So you had someone at your beck and call

To fuel your fantasies

For what?

To feel all high and mighty?

To make you feel good about yourself?


I hope you feel really good

Leaving behind a broken, shattered soul

Who loved you with her whole heart.

So fuck you

For pretending to care.

So fuck you

For leading me on for months.

So fuck you

For making me believe that I’m not worth anything.

So fuck you

For everything you’ve done to me.

So fuck you

For leaving me feeling like this.

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