Mystical Musings: A Collection of Poetry

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The mystical, the magical, the memorable and the mythical.

Poetry / Fantasy
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Mystical Musings

A Collection of Poetry


R.K. Wheeler

REVIEW: MYSITCAL MUSINGS: A Collection of Poetry by Mercy Bolo

with Online Book Club: “Mystical Musings by R.K. Wheeler brings to life a world of myth and legend through flowing poetic prose…The engaging and captivating writing storytelling made me not put the book down until I was done. I especially liked the all so familiar experience of reading one continuous story although this is a collection of poems….4/4 Stars and I recommend it to anyone who wishes to be transported to a world of mystery.

Mystical Musings

A Collection of Poetry

Copyright © 2018,

Dr. Robert Kenneth Wheeler Jr.

All Rights Reserved

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The days are long the nights are mild

The blissful life of a fairy child

They play with fish with birds they sing

Magic they wield on gossamer wings

The forest animals to them do speak

When injured or frightened its fairies they seek Fairies they sing of Heaven above

Of war long ago and God’s lost love

Soon comes Armageddon at the end of an age

A side they must choose for battle will rage


Beware the howls at full moon,

The werewolf’s near and coming soon

The wolf takes over, full of rage,

None are safe until its day

Run! Flee! Escape! Hide!

Or silver bullet in its side

If once bit, pray to die,

For next full moon, wolf’s inside


Son of Morning, never fell,

The stalwart one, the angels tell

A mighty general, cherubim he leads,

He fights the Devil, eternally

Loves the day, shuns the night

Through his veins, flows holy light

If the war, Heaven to win,

He must guard, his brother’s kin

Through the earth, where danger lies,

Before the war, with The Lord of the Flies


Archangel from heaven fell,

To the earth where man dwells

A Son of Morning, Satanel,

Never Heaven, only Hell

Now he comes to counsel Cain,

Due to him young Abel slain

Armageddon soon to come,

But in the end your judgment comes


Heaven weeps the tales do tell,

For the youngest son Azazyel

He who found forbidden love,

And thereby angered God above

Son of Light, Archangel,

Forbidden secrets he did tell

Buried alone and in pain,

Buried by his brothers twain


Snow and ice, dogs do run,

Iditarod and midnight sun

Gnomes of Nome, stories told,

Of great deeds, and cursed gold

Eagles fly, bears do roam,

Wolves do howl, sea doth foam


Long ago and far away,

A lonely angel lost his way

Sent from heaven on a mission he came,

Sent by Gabriel to Camelot’s flames

To find and bury King Arthur’s gem,

Under the stones that men call henge

One day he met a lady fair,

And became enamored by her auburn hair

A touch, a kiss he broke his vow,

For to love a mortal is not allowed

In her eyes he found true love,

But forbidden it was from up above

Two sons to him she one day bore,

In secret vale on Ireland’s shores

For his sin an Archangel came,

To take him to prison head bowed in shame

Without angelic father his sons grew no more,

Their children’s children waved from shore

As half-angel sons sailed far away,

To paradise where the Menehune play

For a time they found love once more

On the beaches of Hawaii’s shores

On Maui were buried side by side,

Their second wives while children cried

They took the gem and sailed far away,

At first all was calm upon gentle waves

The sun was warm, their spirits high,

Their sorrow faded where gulls fly

The gem can find the sons of morn

The eleven seek the one forlorn

Then Satan came and winds did blow,

The ship was tossed to and fro

Upon sharp rocks the timbers did break,

Cold water rushed in, their bodies did shake

All seemed lost, they began to pray,

They held the gem towards the end of day

Red light shot down to an ancient one,

Now awoke the fourth born son

Up from the deep from beneath the sea,

A Son of the Morning their plight did see

He bore them up upon a wave,

He showed them mercy, their lives he saved

Now was battle like none before,

Two Sons of Morning on distant shores

Mountains rose and islands fell

For mighty is the King of Hell

The dragon of the oceans fought fiercely,

But Leviathan fled from the Lord of the Sea

Amongst the Inuit where polar bears run

Brother’s found love in the midnight sun

Even in mortals with angel’s blood,

They one day grow old since the Great Flood

War broke out amongst their kin,

Over who would take their father’s great gem


A little clumsy he’s said to be

But all enjoy his company

A bit forgetful he can be at times

A more loyal friend could one not find

Invisible he can become at will

For angelic blood is in him still

He likes to play and joke near town

Don’t mention dwarves when he’s around

In distant past he made new friends

With two young chiefs of angelic kin

Little did the young men know

Angelic grandmother from long ago

Good for nothing some do say

But great deeds he will do one day


Short and cute are the Gnomes,

Playful tricksters under Nome

Can be greedy love of gold,

And dwarf haters legends told

Heavenly Rod from World Tree, But

Gnome Chief stubborn he


Severed branch from Sacred Tree

Felled by Mimir it was said to be

Two Sons of Morning to garden they came

One left blind while the other left lame

Washed by water from the holy well

The branch inside great power doth dwell


Severed branch from Sacred Tree

Felled by Mimir it was said to be

Two Sons of Morning to garden they came

One left blind while the other left lame

Washed by water from the holy well

The branch inside great power doth dwell

Son of Egyptus first Pharaoh was he

Unknown to Ramses the staff he did keep

Egyptian Prince of slaves revealed

Seti did banish Moses afield

Ramses the staff he gave to his brother

And took to wife Moses’ had been lover

Through the desert his death was near

In oasis Moses found his wife so dear

Upon the mount Moses did take

The Rod of God and covenants make

On holy ground Moses did kneel

Through burning bush did God reveal

His face did shine like the sun

When down the mountain Moses did come

Back to Egypt Moses now goes

To free the Hebrews but first ten woes

Plagues they came by faith in God

Water to blood the flies then frogs

Gnats and boils the locust did swarm

Darkness it came the people did mourn

Fire and hail they fell from the sky

Cattle then finally, the firstborn did die

His son lying dead on Downey bed

Pharaoh he grieved while Moses slaves led

He brought the Hebrews towards Promised Lands

Pharaoh’s heart hardened, then he took in his hands

His spear and shield on chariot he did lead

His army to kill the slaves who did flee

Trapped on shores by the Red Sea

Fiery tornado could Ramses now see

Rod overhead did Moses raise

The waters they parted the slaves were saved

Army of Egypt in pursuit Ramses led

The waters rushed in the Pharaoh now dead


Great Divide, battle comes,

Gnomes and dwarves, blood will run

Wolf and bear, eagle three,

Archangels come save me

Drums they beat, in caverns deep,

Iron on stone, armored feet

Ruby red, the heart doth glow,

As the great ones, fall below


Upon the earth and down within

Walk the ones called the Nephilim

The blood of angels from Heaven above

Who came to the earth, mortals they loved

Giants were born and heroes of old

Hercules the strong and Achilles the bold

Jason did find the Golden Fleece

The arm of Grendel did Beowulf keep

Perseus the head of Medusa did take

With it the Kraken to stone he did make

Gnomes and Dwarves they once were kin

Dark secret there lies over the ruby red gem

The tunnels we take through dark earth we go

Battle it rages who wins we don’t know

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