Mystical Musings: A Collection of Poetry

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Twelve cherubim God once formed

Beings of fire from stars they were born

Gabriel led them in battle one day

Victory seemed certain until he’s betrayed

Flaming swords they once did wield

Then nine did join with Satan afield

Seven Archangels a charge did lead

Against the One while four did plead

Fallen cherubim dark powers did change

But deep within the flame remains

Prophecy says when broken the seals

Dragons awake and earth will reel

The stars will fall, moon turns to blood

Plague and famine and death from above

Wormwood comes the waters will bleed

On the earth four horsemen are seen

All is not lost for the scriptures do read

That the Devil will lose and in chains he will be

Satan his wives once blind now do see

Though mighty is Thor great battle soon be

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