Mystical Musings: A Collection of Poetry

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Long ago in Heaven, the noble and great ones did go

To a sacred council, God’s plan for them to know

Twelve Archangel Brothers, for eons they did dwell

Called the Sons of Morning, one he did rebel

Through Satan’s deception, a third of heaven did fall

By his lies and promises, he tried to conquer all

Outcast he was from heaven, like a terrible star he fell

Full of deceit and hatred, within the earth now dwells

Through the mouth of serpent, Lucifer tempted Eve

Fruit she gave to Adam, Sacred Garden they did leave

Tree of Knowledge forbidden, right and wrong they did learn

To the Cave of Treasures, forgiveness they did yearn

From the time of Adam, until the terrible flood

Two hundred of God’s angels, came from up above

An oath they took together, secrets they did share

Giant and hero children, were born with mortals fair

The earth became corrupted, full of blood and sin

Three of the Sons of Morning, came to fight for men

They disobeyed their Father, now Heaven they cannot come

Here they fight the Dragon, until the War is won

One he guards the earth, and another guards the sky

The third Archangel Brother, protects where fish do fly

The oldest of the Archangels, through his pride did bring

A never ending war, against the heavenly King

Second Archangel Brother, his tale you now do know

In Asgard does he rule, inside the earth below

Third Archangel Brother, in Greece his reign began

High on Mount Olympus, the lighting he commands

Though unasked for worship, was made by mortal men

Through all their praises, Zeus’s pride did begin

Long he resisted temptation, and kept his sacred vows

But stories say things are different, upon Olympus now

Vampires seek Azazyel, his blood they think they need

To gain the power of flight, for vengeance they do seek The eleven must join together, if the War be won

For Satan and his demons, and dragons soon to come


Immortal though vampires be,

At a price they live eternally

No more days, no more light,

Soon there comes an unexpected fright!

They must flee far from home,

As the people turned to stone

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