Mystical Musings: A Collection of Poetry

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Legends speak where monsters dwell

A creature saw I the gravedigger tells

The graves are dug the dead to sleep

But now one comes to take and eat

Dark the ally, and dim the streets

Beware the night the ghoul of Greece


There came a battle long ago

When Hera fell to evil foe

Felled by Hades the stories tell

On the mount where Olympians dwell

Thunder rumbled, lighting flew

Mortals trembled, mountains blew

Stones they tumbled where angels lie

Unlike mortals they never die

Smell of sulfur, blinding smoke

Foretold by Fates wise men wrote

Within the earth Zeus pursued

One-time brother where dragons flew

Like gods they were to mortal men

Long stayed holy but then the sin

Mortal wives Zeus did take

Hero children the unions make


Lilith’s passion is like raging fire

Lamech’s love is her hearts desire

Mortals she takes to drink their blood

But on occasion there’s one she loves

Some join willingly others unsure

To be a vampire there is no cure

Lonely company during day they sleep

Monstrous children now kept in the keeps

The curse of Cain it finds its way

None are safe till comes the day


The rains they came, the winds did blow

Water above and water below

Animals to Noah bowed low one day

An Ark he built before flood waters came

With wood and black pitch strong timbers he wrought

But eight souls were left when olive branch brought

Mocked Noah was by giants and men

Too lost their souls were to see their sins

Ardis is where the Watchers came down

Fair mortal maidens for wives they found

Heavenly secrets they shared with men

Until two archangels came for them

Two hundred save one were now locked in chains

Azazyel alone, he fought to remain

Gabriel and Raphael with brother now fight

Azazyel’s magic hammer no longer gave flight

Yet still he fought until the city laid waste

The temple destroyed and Mjolnir misplaced

Later Odin came and took it away

To young son Thor he gave it one day

Michael the Archangel he read a decree

Doom now to come against Azazyel you see

Alive buried deep, long, long ago

Rocks hurled upon him pain he would know

His crypt is now lost in caverns deep

Angels and demons and undead now seek

Legends speak and stories tell

That only his child may find where he dwells


Now comes one from afar

He calls himself Maldivar

Dawn to dusk no longer sleeps

In the light vampires seeks

Wolves do howl by light of moon

By wood stake are vampires doomed


Immortal child Lamech once made

Unknown to him the blood he gave

For there were howls by light of moon

The beast it came was near his doom

The blood it mingled in dying man

To take the ship is now the plan


Satyrs dance with owls they sing

Tales they tell of such strange things

Cloven hooves and hairy legs

A pair of horns upon their heads

Playful creatures, music they play

Unlike their parents they love the day

Hybrid children the vampires bear

You won’t believe what I saw there

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