Mystical Musings: A Collection of Poetry

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The grass was green the air was clean

Water flowed down through gentle streams

White light beamed down from the inner sun

To Mimr’s well where clear water runs

No help for Thor the fates would be

Neutral they are the blind that now see

Red dragon awoke from his long sleep

Satan’s spear Loki doth keep

Nine of twelve cherubim long ago fell

Down to the earth to Devil’s dark vale

There Able died cherubim did change

But deep within the flame remains

Down from heaven the lighting now comes

Will it save or kill Odin’s lone son


Angelic wounds are quick to heal

Unless heart stabbed by heavenly steel

Thor’s mighty hammer to Azazyel God gave Wonders and beauty in Heaven once made

To angels and cherubim the Devil did speak

Join me said Satan new covenants keep

Once the most beautiful in heaven they say

But due to the praises pride found its way

Pride, then envy, then hatred began

Jealousy, murmuring, against God’s plan

Earth was created, here bodies received

Experience to gain, but faith we would need

So heaven divided, sides they did take

A third followed Satan, an oath they did make

To follow the Lightbringer, Lucifer to war

A third remained neutral, no weapon they bore

A third they stayed faithful, weapons now sought

Azazyel for both sides, weapons he wrought

A third were cast out, like stars they did fall

Demons they are now, miserable all

The neutral angels cast out were too

Transformed they were when veil they fell through

Creatures of fairy they then became

All are now different, all of them changed

Now upon Avalon the Garden of Eve

Nidhoggr the dragon, once cherubim was he

Down in the Well, Thor and sword fell

Deeds done this day, long will men tell

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