Mystical Musings: A Collection of Poetry

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Mighty are dragons, flames they do breathe

Long are their talons, with teeth they do cleave

Wings like a storm, the wind they do blow

No fiercer an enemy do angels or men know

Healed in clear waters deep in the well

There Odin’s eye and golden sword fell

Greatest of Battles, with sword he doth fight

Thor without Mjolnir no longer hath flight

Deep in the dragon the flames they do seethe

Heimdall fought bravely, but no dragon is he

The eye now is blinded, strong arm is left lame

Now come the Valkyrie to mourn for the slain


Immortal love she once enjoyed

Lamech was lost their lives destroyed

Medusa their child now feared by men

But mother’s love will never end

Under Athens in catacombs

Unwilling victims turned to stone

Beauty is marred, burned flesh laid bare

The blood she must drink from men unaware

Lonely Lilith a companion now seeks

Through severed veins the blood doth weep


Ironic justice through curse she brings

To the wicked the dead now sing

Magic she wields upon the shore

Spirts to aid for no blade she bore

In dim light the fangs do gleam

To the killer death now brings


Two hundred angels from Heaven came

Upon Mt. Ardis they once did reign

Called the Watchers, the tales do tell

Forbidden love their glory fell

Mortal women with the softest skin

Wanting eyes, they tempted them

Of roots and stars, secrets shared

Giant children and heroes bear

Weapons and armor by Archangel came

The youngest of twelve, Azazyel he’s named


Prophecy says when broken the seals

Dragons awake and earth will real

The stars will fall, moon turns to blood

Plague and famine and death from above

Wormwood comes, the waters will bleed

Upon the earth four horsemen are seen

Come and see, a white horse comes

With bow he rides to conquer some

Come and see, red horse is near

A great sword doth its rider wield

Come and see, a black horse stands

Famine spreads across the lands

Come and fear, for a black horse dwells

It carries death who brings forth Hell


Grandma’s house was always clean

Tables and floors they always gleamed

Upon her lap I long ago sat

As we drove I’d say grandma what’s that?

With her and Pop we’d go catch fish

Then that night she’d prepare a dish

Always grandma wore a smile

Glad to see you, it’s been awhile

Are you hungry I have some bread

At grandma’s house you were always fed

Chicken and dumplings we’ll have tonight

Bad dreams they fled in grandma’s sight

Christmas time candles we’d light

Then trade gifts on Christmas night

Thirty years Norman she loved

Then fifteen years with Bob it was

Jet black hair in beehive wore

The years go by swiftly more

Far away then we moved

Birthday cards they’ll come soon

Come and see me grandma said

Now there’s grey upon her head

Her once smooth skin is wrinkled more

Blotched by sun forever more

Slower now she’d stand and talk

Still she smiled when in you walked

I’ll see you grandma I love you

Shed wave goodbye then off you flew

One night mother with concern she called

You best come down for death it calls

There she lay in hospital bed

Her eyes were closed, she looked ill fed

Bent were fingers, veins shown through

But it’s the grandma I always knew

Her eyes did not open, sadness it came

I held her hand, but soon the plane

I go to leave to kiss her goodbye

Suddenly she squeezed my hand tight

I sat back down, I can stay awhilemore

Before I leave to distant shores

Stronger she grew once again

I cannot leave you my love won’t end

Memory faded with friend and kin

Yet still she smiled until the end

Pleasant memories I’ll always bare

For I know there’s always a grandma there

Through the veil in Heaven she waits

Loved by family near pearly gates

One day I’ll die and then I’ll see

My young grandma there she’ll be

There’s that smile, that friendly face

I missed you grandma we then embrace


When you are single your time is about ME, But when you marry, it becomes about WE.

When you have children you give up sleep,

And quickly realize you have to live cheap.

You give up your travel plans,

But you get to hold their tiny hands.

You work your fingers to the bone,

But you get to hear, “Daddy’s home!”

No longer do you get to nap,

But you get to answer, “Daddy, what’s that?”

When you have children you forego nice things,

In exchange for, “Daddy, push me on the swing!”

That old car will have to do,

But now you get, “Daddy, I love you.”

Mom’s get little thanks to cook and clean,

Then go shopping to buy your things.

Chubby cheeks and slobbery kisses,

Tickle Monster and Birthday Wishes.

When they are sick you pray as they wheeze,

But when they are better, its, “Daddy play horsey!”

A touch, a smile, laughter and tears,

What more could one want as they go through the years?

Cherish the time, make the most of the days,

Love every minute, they soon move away.

Now they’re grown up and fixing to leave,

You hug them goodbye saying, be careful, call me.

Make your memories today,

But teach them God’s way.

Teach them to pray and teach them to read,

Teach them to serve others in their times of need.

Teach them the Gospel and the Lord’s Way,

To be sealed in the Temple, together always.

Follow the Lord and then you will see,

Life is better, when it’s about We and not ME.


Is this the one that dims the sun,

that brings worry and despair?

Is this the shot, the tainted lot,

the modern sickness that medicine wrought?

Oh what to do, if medicine be true,

then give the shot I must.

But if a lie, my child may die,

and gone forever is my trust.

Through study and prayer the answer came,

to forego this medical sacrament.

And if my child is taken still,

I’ll know that it was God’s intent.

Is this the one that will damage my son,

or hurt my daughter dear?

Will my doctor be there to offer care,

for a lifetime of damage wrought?

Or will he say, “Guiltless am I!

Your child was but a casualty of war being fought.”

Nay I say, Nay I say,

not for me or mine today!

In innate I trust, God in man,

that tiny spark of life.

From above down, inside out,

will I place my faith, not in drug or knife.


Flowing red the blood we drain

Blood must give to make the change

To turn a mortal into kin

A change is made inside of them

No longer age by day we sleep

Though loved ones old in graves dug deep

We say goodbye to summer days

But never turn a child they say

The curse it drives us to kill by night

Terror we bring in the pale moon light


Nine of twelve cherubim they once betrayed

Gabriel in heaven where war was made

Great were their wings and long swords of flame

They towered above hosts that now came

As battle raged where angels dwell

Satan he came and darkness fell

But through their strong faith and battle prowess

Seven archangels survived a great test

For Satanel fought for power supreme

A third of the angels his lies did bring

Mansions lay broken the gardens laid waste

Long was the battle near Heaven’s great gates

Good versus evil as some stood by

Neutral were those who chose not to fight

Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth

Seven archangels their covenants keep

Horns they now sounded, the war cries they yelled

A charge Michal led as many were felled

Their hearts were then pierced by weapons of might

Lucifer’s army no longer gave light

Last of the cherubim fell to sharp blade

Satan was taken and chains they were made

The fallen angels were cast down below

Like stars they did fall to Hell they did go

Michael he wept as he held his sword high

He threw it away, it sped through the night

There it buried deep in stone long ago

Almost forgotten in lands far below

One day would one come, and pull the sword free

His name was Arthur, the cup he would keep

Excalibur was taken when Camelot fell

To the Lady of the Lake the legends do tell


At dawns first light the fairies wake.

In flower gardens their beds do make.

They say little children can see them some times, sparkling and whispering amongst tree and vine.

For if your heart is clean, listen closely when birds do sing.

The light plays tricks when birds do flutter, or insects flit and squirrels do mutter.

Then you whisper, “Come now fey, come on out and let us play.”

From out of bush and under tree, behind the flowers like honey bees.

But in the light truth revealed, like humming birds they dart afield.

Great adventures you’ll then have, a feast they’ll make with wands they have.

Ask them before you bring a friend, or fairies you’ll never see again.

Now be good and don’t be mean, you must be pure to see their Queen.

Silken dress and snow white hair, a crown of gold is in her hair.

A wand of ivory she does hold, healing power the legends told.

Mab she’s called amongst her kin. She can grow as large as men.

Enjoy your childhood amongst the fey, never forget those friends you made.

Remember dancing, in glade long ago, go back and visit, your child you may show.


Though battle be won the war begins

Long was foretold by prophets of men

Through fire and lighting and vapors of smoke

The end of the world in scriptures was wrote

They fly, they creep, in anger and rage

Demons and giants and orcs to slay

Though Asgard’s warriors they bravely do fight

Greatly outnumbered as day turns to night

Though one be now fallen and three more be razed

Armageddon has come and the end of days


Bumble wasn’t like the other bees, who were smooth and sleek and flew with ease.

He was big and round with stripes all around, with yellow and black on his back.

Half bumblebee some say, in a mean sort of way, for bumbles were furry and slow.

Some live over there, in the chicken coup where, the farmer was want to go.
His small wings he’d flap, but try as he might, Bumble the bee could never take flight.

As soon as his feet would leave the tree, he fell straight down to the ground you see.

So, the kids they called him Bumble the bee, after those giants who lived up the street.

For bumblebees are huge and covered with hair, yet despite their size they can fly through the air.

One day Bumble was pouting outside, as he watched other bees flying by.

Old Granny came and hovered near, “Bumble, what’s the matter my dear?”

“Granny, try as I may, and try as I might, my wings are too small, for me to take flight.”

“Others tease me because of my weight, and complain about how much I ate.”

“Now now, little bee, its all in your mind, for look at my wings, you just need more time.”

“My child you’d be, if you had but more hair. Let me show you how, to soar through the air.”

So, Granny the bumblebee landed nearby, she turned round and round as her wings caught the light.

Practice and practice day after day, you’ll get stronger while other bees play.”

“Before you know it, you’ll fly just like me, then pollen you’ll find, just wait and see.”

“You’re big, and strong, and can carry great weight. Pollen you’ll bring, through your hive’s little gate.”

“Listen to old Granny, and soon you’ll see, think of the hive, and we, and not me.”

“For winter is coming, and all must work late, to put in more honey, the cold it won’t wait.”

Bumble he practiced, he flapped and he hopped, but each time he tried, he fell, and he flopped.

“Climb up to me, we’ll do it together. Take my hand, say I’m light as a feather.”

He sweat, and he wheezed, as the wind blew him back, he tumbled a little, but found the right track.

“Look at me Granny!” As he circled mid-air.

“I’m flying, I’m flying,” He said with a flare.

So, Bumble the bee, had learned how to fly, and he worked all the harder, as day turned to night.

He brought back more pollen to give to the queen.

He could carry great weight, he was part of the team.

“Good job Bumble, it makes my heart swell.

“I’m proud of you son, the others I’ll tell.”

“It was ole Granny, from across the way, she’s who taught me, how to fly far away.”

Thanks to Bumble there would be plenty to eat. For he could carry more pollen than all on their street.

So, don’t give up, don’t you cry, just keep trying, and one day you’ll fly.


There came a morning when sun did shine, when bees were yawning before work time.

The guards out front they raised an alarm, “The Beetles are coming! Quick, to arms!”

Bumble though still young, was big and strong, his belly was round, and arms quite long.

From early on his body it grew, large as a bumble the queen once knew.

For it was said before, in nursery time, that Bumble’s dad was of a different kind.

The bumblebees lived across the way, in the old coupe where the chickens play.

Bumbles are furry and slow, with hair all around. The honeybees wonder how they get off the ground.

Though Bumble the bee lacked all their hair, in some ways he was like them down there.

No time for that now, for beetles had come. Armor they wore as they marched in the sun.

They love dark places that have lots of food. They just sit around with nothing to do.

Dirty housekeepers to bees they seem, they snore real loud and are kind of mean.

They eat the bee’s food which takes long to make. They eat and they eat, the honey they take.

The queen ordered all, to come to the gate, “We must stop them now, before it’s too late.”

Bumble and his friends knew what to do, as the round beetles came into view.

“Grab some pollen and roll into balls, line them all up and stick to the walls.”

They blocked the entrance until small hole remained, the King of the beetles the honey he claimed.

“We’re hungry let us in, for food we do seek. You have plenty and more, for beetles to eat.”

“But you bring not your own, nor work to make more. There is room for your people, down by the shore.”

That’s what was said by the honeybee queen, she said it nicely and didn’t sound mean.

The beetles pushed forward and came none the less. Bumble had a thought that he put to the test.

He picked up the balls they previously made, and rolled them down through the honeybee gate.

The balls rolled and bounced down the small hill, striking the king who lost his shield.

Again and again, Bumble and friends, they rolled balls at the beetle king’s men.

Finally their leader gave the order to flee, and never more beetles, did the honeybees see.

For though to the outsiders their stores seemed quite great, only enough honey for the hive they did make.

To live through the winter, all they would need, for the flowers were dying, leaving only their seed.

Bumble the hero to all that day, friends he had made and lives he’d saved.


Bumble yawned at first light.

Gone too fast was last night.

End of summer the leaves did change.

No work today due to the rain.

A game bees play, at such times.

With odd words, they form weird rhymes.

“Come on Bumble, let us play.

“Tell about, where chicken’s lay.”

Bumble’s dad was of a different sort.

Hairy and large near the farmer’s back porch.

“Alright I’ll tell you, about chickens and coop.

“Where ole Granny bumblebee, makes me some soup.

“The hens are all nice, if you fly real high.

“Watch out for the rooster, who has but one eye.

“He’s a grumpy, frumpy, mean old cluck.

“Has a bad leg, and walks like a duck.

“Silkies and longhorns and Road Island Reds.

“Their scratching and picking all-round the shed.

“Don’t settle down long, on flowers near there,

“Old Cock-a-Doodle, may get you beware.

“He’s a grumpy, frumpy, mean old cluck.

“Has a bad leg and walks like a duck.

“Missing some feathers on back of his neck.

“The chicks told me once that he’s been hen-pecked.

“He almost got me one day, for I paused too long.

“Sitting on a flower, listening to bird’s song.

“Puffs up real big, and puts on a show.

“He’s blind in his left eye, don’t ya know.

“He’s a grumpy, frumpy, mean old cluck.

“Has a bad leg, and walks like a duck.

“Missing some feathers, on back of his neck.

“The chicks told me once, that he’s been hen-pecked.

“Puffs up real big, and puts on a show.

“He’s blind in his left eye, don’t ya know.

“Don’t settle down long, on flowers near there.

“Old Cock-a-Doodle, may get you beware!

“Cover your ears at dawns first light.

“Crows real loud at fading night.

“He’s a grumpy, frumpy, mean old cluck.

“Has a bad leg and walks like a duck.

“Missing some feathers on back of his neck.

“The chicks told me once, that he’s been hen-pecked.

“Puffs up real big, and puts on a show.

“Blind in his left eye, don’t ya know.

“Don’t settle down long, on flowers near there.

“Old Cock-a-Doodle, may get you beware!”

The bees they laughed when the story did end.

The babies they giggled at Bumble their friend.


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About the Author

Dr. Wheeler completed his B.S. in Nutrition in 1995 from Life College in Marietta, GA.

Dr. Wheeler Graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, GA in 1998.

He served a two year mission in Arcadia, CA for his church.

He enjoys studying world religions, myths, legends and folk lore.

He enjoys storytelling, writing, fishing, camping, roller coasters, martial arts and beekeeping.

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The blood’s the life, the life’s the blood

Beware the night, and vampires bite

A cross, a stake, be sure to make

Or pray the Lord your soul to take

A renegade named Maldivar Acludar hunts the other vampires using werewolves like ferocious blood-hounds to track them to their crypts. He alone has learned how to walk in daylight unharmed. Will the covens survive long enough to discover his motive and a way to defeat him and his shapeshifter allies?

When Cain killed his younger brother Able, God cursed Cain that whosoever might kill him would be cursed seven times worse than Cain himself. The Bible, Jewish legends and apocryphal texts say that it was Cain’s great-great-great grandson, Lamech, who slew the eldest son of Adam and Eve. It was an accident, as Lamech was blind by then. He and his young son Tubal-cain, were hunting in a field near nightfall. They heard the cracking of branches at the edge of the woods and his son thought it was some great beast. Tubal-cain encouraged his father to shoot the creature. Although his eyesight had failed, Lamech had been a skilled hunter for hundreds of years and his arrow struck true.

The young lad had knelt before his father near the body of his ancestor Cain. He described to his father the appearance of the beast. Lamech had been taught of the curse from Cain himself, as he realized what he had done and that he would now be cursed sevenfold, he clapped his hands together before him in anguish and accidentally struck his son in the head, killing him.

A terrible darkness and lust for blood descended over Lamech. He drank the blood of Cain as the curse came upon him. After terrible pain and the death of his mortal body, his appearance changed. He became young again. He was stronger, and faster than before. His senses were enhanced as compared to mortals. Yet each night when he awakes, he craves blood insatiably, and he can no longer walk the world in daylight lest his skin be severely burned. His powers are weakened by day to little more than that of mortals.

His wives left him out of fear and loathing. Haunted by the death of his son he has wandered the world, alone, bereft of love. He survived the great flood and for a time he lived on the blood of animals. When mortal men and women once again multiplied and repopulated the earth he made new vampires and they, though few in number, hunt man or beast in the dark hours before the dawn.

Lamech had given up on love. He had never turned a woman. Everything changed when he met Lilith.

During the reign of King Saul of Israel in 901 BC, there was a girl born in Nazareth. She had very pale, almost white skin, radiant green eyes, and red hair with white streaks. She grew up speaking with the spirits of the dead. Later she developed magic that was wild and uncontrollable in the early years. The people of Nazareth out of fear drove out the witch and her parents. The small family fled to Endor. It was not far enough as the rumors and side long glances soon returned about the witch, the devil, or sorceress, who could speak with the dead.

King Saul traveled to Endor to have the witch raise the spirit of Samuel the prophet from the dead to prophecy to him whether he would win the pending battle with the Philistine army. Although Lilith’s power terrified the king and his men, he paid her for the ill news and departed.

Lamech sought out the Witch of Endor to train him in the magic arts. Their nightly meetings led to more than magic and spirits. They were in love in each other’s arms. Still, Lilith had never seen Lamech by day. Could it be another woman that kept him away between dawn and dusk? She had to find out. She followed him one night before the sunrise to a cave. What she found inside was not what she had ever dreamed of, and it would change her life forever.



Beauty is marred, burned flesh laid bare

The blood she must drink from men unaware

Lonely Lilith a companion now seeks

Through severed veins, the blood doth weep

Dark blood and clear fluids wept begrudgingly from the tender fissures in her ruined flesh. Lilith rose, slowly, painfully. Her skin split as she bent her elbows and knees. She struggled against the pain as she left bloody footprints upon the floorboards. Although she did not have to breathe since she had been turned, she gasped instinctively as she limped down the dark hallway.

Her head spun. The pain was terrible. She winced at the sun’s radiant beams as they violated the shadows through the uncovered windows. She leaned against the wall for support as she cowered in the darker areas of the abandoned house.

It’s day. I shouldn’t be awake. Where am I? What happened? Where is my baby?

The old, rotted floors protested her weight as they creaked and moaned beneath her burned feet. She fought the urge to vomit as a wave of nausea rose within her from blood loss. The room seemed to rotate of its own accord. Her eyes went in and out of focus as she stumbled into an old bathroom. A beam of burning sunlight streamed through a small hole in the roof striking the back wall. Mosaics covered the tiles.

This must have been a beautiful home once, but now this place smells, of mold, dust, and rotting wood.

The crash of ocean waves sounded in the distance.

Images of a ship flashed in her mind, a fire, an explosion…

A large, grey, rat scurried away, racing through a hole in the floor breaking her thought. The bloodlust rose within her, but the rat was long gone. She was parched. A drip of water sounded from an old copper tub. Lilith watched as the next small, translucent, orb clung to the old ceiling. It was losing its battle to stay in the light. For just a moment she could see the reflection of the sun through the water droplet.

I miss the sun sometimes.

The water began to pool as liquid behind pushed against that in the lead. It stretched until it could hold itself against gravity no longer. The tiny, translucent, globe lost the image of the sun’s orb as it fell. It relinquished itself from its brethren which remained behind upon the roof. As it fell, her vampire eyes focused on it as it appeared to move in slow-motion.

So beautiful.

She was not in the direct beam of the sun’s rays, but even being this close her skin was heating up despite the coolness of the air.

Her shadow stretched before her, a dark reminder of how she must now appear. She looked at webbed fingers where the flames had melded once supple flesh together. Her once beautiful, sensual, legs were now scared and disfigured. She leaned over the edge of the tub and peered into the rippling water. A drop of cold liquid struck her back as she leaned forward. The cool wetness was a welcome sensation against her burned skin. Her silhouette was all she could see at first, due to the small waves created by the memory of the last droplet. As the water went calm, she muffled a cry with one hand as she saw the monster that she had become.

A brief search in the room next door revealed an old blanket lying discarded on the floor. A broken chair sat in one corner. A writing desk was against one wall. Grey with dust its beauty was shadowed. Lilith carefully reached down for the blanket as several rats jumped from where they had been hiding within the cloths confines. They scurried from across her feet as they fled. What would have once repulsed her was suppressed by the bloodlust. She leaned forward quickly trying to grab one, but the skin on her back and shoulder split as she did so. She cried out and gave up on her feeble attempt for rat blood.

She shook off the old blanket and wrapped it around herself. There were a few holes where the rodents had gnawed through the fabric.

Summoning magic might be difficult in my condition. I have never been this badly injured.

It rose within her, a warm tingling that started at her center and worked outward. She held her right hand before her as cool blue flames flickered, awaiting her command. Concentrating, the magic gradually responded. The small ball of light obediently raced away, roaming room to room, searching. Another was here, her baby. Lilith staggered towards the front of the old house in concerned anticipation. The magic had revealed where her infant lay unmoving.

If anything has happened to her…

Lilith pushed the thought to the back of her mind. She struggled to recall the details of how they had arrived here. She was careful to avoid the sun’s rays until she found her infant lying in one dark corner. Lilith kneeled and wrapped her child in the old blanket.

The snakes upon Medusa’s head began to wake, coiling defensively in the half-light as if to strike. The babies’ eyes began to open, yellow surrounding slit-like pupils.

“There, there, Medusa, its mommy.” She used the vampire trance to keep the child asleep for now.

Medusa smiled before closing her eyes again. The babies’ serpentine-tail slowly wrapped around her mother’s wrist before going still.

Lilith lay on the floor, placing the small bundle of her child upon her chest before passing out.

She dreamed.

Her hair was gone. She lay naked on a hard wooden floor. The light shining through the window across the room did not touch her in this dark corner, but it was far closer than any time since she had been turned into a vampire. Memories both wonderful and terrible flooded her dreams.

How could he leave me? No, he had not loved Medusa, but how could he leave us to the flames?

The sun was setting.

Lilith’s dream was disturbed by the sound of men talking just outside.

That language…it sounds like Greek. That is where we were headed when the sailors found the baby.

The footsteps moved away from the cabin towards the docks.

She drifted off once more, a welcome reprieve from the pain. Her brain tried to process what had happened while she visited the past in her mind.

Lamech was here, she was dancing in his arms. She wore the beautiful gown he had bought her.

The dream changed.

The ship was aflame; Lamech was drifting away as she burned….

The last rays of the day had faded. Lilith felt some strength return now that it was the night. She carefully lifted Medusa off her chest. Scabs and fluids pulled away from her skin as she did so. She grimaced with the pain and effort. She looked with worried brow at her daughter. She must get blood for herself and a corpse for her daughter. The lust for the red elixir was so strong in her. Until the night before, she had never tasted human blood. She had only drunk Lamech’s vampiric-blood after he had drained her own. Once the terrible pain that came with the transition and death of her mortal body subsided, she had been reborn. Still, she had only drunk the life fluid of animals those two years. That is until the captain, and his crew had betrayed their trust.

Lilith did not consider herself evil. She was somewhat ashamed of what she had done. Certainly, the men deserved to be punished for breaking their agreement not to enter the cabin where her baby had lain.

Medusa should be ok for an hour or so without me. It does not appear anyone has been in this rotting building for years. Besides, any would-be abductor would be turned to stone if they were so unfortunate to lift the blanket. If my baby awoke, her cat-like eyes would come ablaze and in seconds, the fool would become a monument to his or her folly.

Her enhanced hearing detected voices down near the docks. Two men, gruff of voice and foul of language, who had started their weekend drinking early it sounded like. The door parted unwillingly as the hinges cried out in protest. She secured the door with a click of metal. Placing her hands on the surface of the entry she chanted quietly as she summoned the magic, casting a ward across the doorway. The magic flowed around the door and into the lock and hinges like green smoke until it faded away becoming a part of the wood and metal.

It will have to do. I have not the strength to enchant every window and doorway, but the front door is the most likely to be used. It will not open now without destroying the entry entirely and I would be alerted if it is breached.

She looked around with effort as her skin was pulled taut with fresh scabs and scars that threatened to split with any further movement. A couple of dim oil lanterns violated mother night on the boardwalk down at the docks. The smell of rotting fish was enjoyed by flies and gulls. The workers and city folk would find a more accommodating venue tonight.

It is likely that these two are vagabonds or thieves, planning their night of mischief. They will not be missed. I do not have the luxury of finding a sheep or goat it seems, and after tasting the blood of the ship captain, I am not sure I could go back to animal blood willingly. I am so weak…perhaps I should try to find someone alone? She paused considering her options.

She listened intently to the sounds of wavelets caressing the rocky shore. The calling of the sea came from just outside the stone wall protecting the harbor. The tang of salty air wafted upon a gentle breeze as it teased her nostrils triggering fonder memories of standing with Lamech on the bow of the ship. His arms were around her waist as his lips nuzzled her ear. Then he kissed her neck. Lilith moaned slightly at his touch. She leaned into his broad chest and turned her head as he kissed her passionately on the lips just as a fine mist crested the bow.

Her heart raced as she recalled their last moments in each other’s arms. Her hands were upon his as they caressed her body, while they ignored lustful stares of the sailors.

She would have cried then were there enough fluids left in her shriveled flesh stretched over bones. Her cheeks were drawn in, and her eyes had shrunk deep within their sockets. Their lids would not even completely cover the emerald and white orbs. Only her eyes held a reminder of the beauty now lost. Her lips were pulled back into a permanent, skeletal, grimace from the burns.

She startled suddenly; her mind snapped back to the present as something darted from off a boat to her right. It leaped at her as she stepped back defensively, summoning her magic. A black cat paused and hissed at her, arching its back, its hair on end; its fangs seemed to extend as its lips pulled back.

I wonder if that is how my fangs appear before I drink blood?

The cat sprinted away, as Lilith sighed in relief. She focused again on the sounds around her.

Off in the distance of the city, the sound of music could be heard. A play it seemed. She had heard the Greeks were fond of plays.

She was distracted again as the bumping of wooden hulls sounded quietly through the dark like lovers in the night. The creaking of woven lines croaked through the darkness as the ships struggled against their captors. It gave Lilith the impression that the vessels yearned for open waters as they pulled against their bonds. The white sickle of the moon was just beginning to breach the confines of the Mediterranean Sea. She would need to act soon before the reflected light of the sun’s mistress gave her away. When she was certain that there were no others about she focused on her course of action once more.

Lamech had warned her that fire, or a wooden stake through the heart could kill a vampire. He had taught her that while the sun would burn exposed skin, only the surface layers were damaged and that it would not kill, although you would wish you had died a mortal death rather than endure the sun’s rays upon exposed flesh for long. Wounds such as a knife or sword normally healed quickly once the implement was removed, or the body would attempt to push the object out like a splinter in mortal flesh.

But it had been a full day since she had been burned and her wounds were not healing.


“And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,

And prevailed not; neither was there place found any more in heaven.

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent called the Devil, and Satan, which deceived the whole world; he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

Revelation of John 12:7-9.


The oldest of the archangels was Satanel who became Satan after he was cast out of heaven. Satan was followed by his twin brother, Sandalphon who was known among men as Odin. Another set of twins, Raziel who was known as Zeus and Jophiel who was named by mortals Poseidon, followed. Odin, Zeus and Poseidon, came to earth to battle Satan, where they were worshiped as gods of the old world.

Next were born Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel, “The Faithful.” Finally, Zadkiel, Camael, Sachiel and Azazyel, “The Unvaliant” were born. These last four archangels remained neutral in the War in Heaven. As they refused to take up arms to fight Satan and his followers, they and their legions were later cast out, but not into Hell.

Azazyel was one of two hundred angels sent to watch over the children of Adam and Eve in the years before the flood. They were called “The Watchers.” The Watchers broke God’s laws and sinned by taking mortal wives and for teaching them forbidden secrets. The Watcher’s part-angel children were called the “Nephilim.” Some became giants; others became heroes of myth and men of great renown, such as Hercules, Achilles, Beowulf, and Perseus.

Azazyel (being an archangel) was held to a higher standard, and for his crimes he was buried alive. The mother of Azazyel’s unborn child married Ham (the youngest son of Noah) and was thus saved from the flood upon the ark.

Azazyel’s bloodline periodically manifests remarkable powers and abilities in his descendants. During the Great Flood, the single continent, Pangea, was broken up and the appearance of the lands changed, so that not even the other archangels now know where Azazyel is buried.

Satan seeks for Azazyel to recruit him to his army in his quest to seize the throne of heaven from their father.

The vampires seek Azazyel for his blood. They hope that in his weakened state, he will be an easy target and that his blood will give them the power of flight.

Gabriel and Raphael seek their archangel brothers to try and enlist them into God’s army before the Battle of Armageddon. Only the last Scions of Azazyel have the power to find him.

Gabriel and Raphael must find and protect the children of Azazyel or all may be lost.



Beware the howls at full moon,

The werewolf’s near and coming soon

The wolf takes over, full of rage,

None are safe until its day

Run! Flee! Escape! Hide!

Or silver bullet in its side

If once bit, pray to die,

For next full moon, wolf’s inside

The gray tombstones stared at Angelica silently as she wept. They would not offer her sympathy or condolences as they surrounded her in their stony vigil.

Today, kneeling in front of her parent’s graves, Angelica cried. She clasped her hands tightly together in front of her as she wept out loud. “You said you would always be there for me dad! I need you. I miss you both so much. How could there be a God who would let you be murdered like this? Can you hear me God? If you are there, I hate you!” Angelica shouted at the sky before bowing her head in her hands.

Black clouds shadowed the sunlight as it began to rain like tears from heaven.

She snapped a picture of her parent’s graves with her cellphone before climbing back into her old, silver VW Rabbit.

As she drove across the bay bridge she wiped away a tear as she glanced at the water. The sun was riding low on the horizon. Radiant beams crossed the salty sea as dolphins danced and sailboats raced, embracing the gentle breeze.

She made her way westward towards the old bunkers on Santa Rosa Island. Battery Langdon is where she had planned to meet her friends. It is a giant hill with two square, openings on either side. The old fort is covered by a large sand dune, surmounted by scraggly, wind-swept bushes, giving it the appearance of the head of some monster rising from the sands with its eyes peering out to sea.

Juliet and her brother, Hayes were already sitting on the tailgate of his truck when she pulled up and parked.

Juliet was dark complected with short cropped black hair. She had a rounded face with a small chin, and Angelica would often call her “Emoji.” Juliet’s response would be to call Angelica “White out” due to her very pale skin.

“Hey Emoji, how have you been?”

“I’m great White Out, and you?”

They laughed and hugged tightly.

“Hi Hayes, where is your surfboard?” Angelica asked her old boyfriend.

“I came straight from work at Pizza Hut, but I could take you tomorrow if you like? It’s looking to be some great waves this weekend.”

“I’m down for that!”

Hayes was your typical surfer boy. He was tan and muscular. He had shoulder length locks that were bleached by the sun’s kisses. He winked at Angelica with one of those big brown eyes and smiled. His perfect teeth were a welcome distraction. He was a bit conceited, but he was nice enough once you got to know him. Although they had dated other people neither were in a serious relationship at the moment.

The sunset still glowed in hues of orange and pink on the western sky. The full moon was already up above the horizon. The cry of seagulls overhead pierced the rhythm of

Posiedon’s call. Flying above the gulls was a large V of pelicans gliding silently to destinations unknown. The crash of the surf thundered from just beyond the sugar-white sand dunes to the south. Angelica closed her eyes and smiled as she took in a deep breath through her nose. A gentle breeze wafted a tang of sea salt in the air. Oh, how I have missed this since I moved to Atlanta.

When she opened her eyes she saw Hayes staring up at the seagulls. She walked over and flirtatiously hip bumped him, causing him to fall against the truck.

“Hey, watch it, lady!” Hayes cried out with a grin on his face as he pushed himself back upright. He grabbed Angelica around the waist. She got up close staring into his eyes, but when he leaned towards her she playfully bit his bottom lip and then pushed herself away before he could kiss her.

Hayes watched the swing of her hips and the bounce of her blonde ponytail as she jogged towards where Juliet stood, near the entrance of Battery Langdon. He let out a groan, thinking how close he had just been to kissing her. He jogged to catch up to the girls, his feet making squeaking sounds as he ran through the soft, grainy white sand.

It was the summer of 2017. Angelica had just turned twenty-two. Boys had always found her attractive, with her long legs and full lips. Angelica usually wore a friendly smile despite her inner pain. She could easily turn her smile into a pout to get what she wanted. Her eyes flashed an emerald green in the sunlight as she looked back at Hayes with a smile. Her eyes were quite striking and unique having a yellow band inside the green with brown spots.

She was quick to smile and to laugh. Angelica was her own party, according to her friends. She was fun and intelligent, and she was very talented at nearly anything that took her fancy.

Hayes had brought a flashlight and a lighter. The girls walked on either side of him as they passed through the large entrance on the left side of the bunker. He led the way as they took turns squeezing through the bars that blocked the central passageway. Being broader and thicker than the girls he was momentarily stuck trying to get through. He turned on the flashlight as the dim light from the entrance was quickly fading. As they started forward he held the only source of illumination. Juliet and Angelica clung to his muscular arms. He seemed to enjoy the contact from Angelica and he was protective of his sister by nature so he did not protest. He moved the beam down the hall chasing away the blackness which was quick to return as soon as their enemy was pointed elsewhere.

The shadows seemed to close in, hovering just on the edge of the light. They draped themselves like cloaks just behind the small group of friends, waiting for the opportunity to embrace them completely.

Angelica noticed the air was cooler here. The humming sound of a car passing outside grew louder then faded away.

“Look over here at this writing.” Angelica pointed down the wall to the right. Her heart seemed to skip a beat and accelerated as she read the words out loud. “All ye who enter here will taste of death!” Just pranksters, she reassured herself.

The writing was a dark color, and the dry ink stretched down from where it had been written on the wall. It had the appearance of blood. Shivers ran down their backs despite believing that it was just a joke. Hayes led them right, down the second hallway which led past several rooms including one that was referred by locals as the ‘art room.’ In this room, people would paint pictures on the walls. There was a large painting of a woman using a spear, dressed like a Nordic Valkyrie from long ago. Next to it was a painting of Thor, the god of Thunder, with his mythical hammer Mjolnir. His blond hair hung to below his shoulders from beneath a winged helm. Lighting shot down from painted dark clouds and wrapped around the hammer held aloft by one muscular arm. The artist was talented, and the eyes that peered at them seemed to almost follow them through the room as they continued on.

They took a wrong turn on the way back and ended up at a doorway that was blocked with bars. Doubling back, they retraced their steps through the art-filled room once more. Finally, they found the main passageway again. Hayes had led them down another corridor to the right, when suddenly the light went out, casting them into inky darkness. Hayes shook the flashlight but could not get it to come back on.

Angelica punched Hayes in the arm. “Cut it out and turn the light back on!”

He retorted, “I can’t. It won’t work.”

Hayes gave up on the flashlight and stuck it in his belt loop. He pulled out his lighter and held it overhead releasing only a dim glow of orange light which struggled to cast away the shadows and gloom.

As weak as the dancing flicker was, someone could be only a few feet away and they would never know.

Suddenly, Hayes cried out in pain, the shadows closed in once more. Only the faint memory of the light danced before their eyes before fading to nothingness. The girl’s screamed until the light came on once more.

“I burnt my thumb is all.” He said as he grinned at their frightened faces.

Angelica’s fingernails dug into Hayes’ arm as a woman’s scream erupted from the east side of the bunker. The sound raced around them as it echoed throughout the lonely hallways giving them the impression of multiple people crying out in fear all at once.

People were running for the exit it seemed, but they could not see them from where they stood. The frightened couples did not stop or return, and there was no joking like one would expect if this were merely a prank.

Angelica and her friends carefully retraced their steps to the main hall before turning in the direction from where the screaming had started. Hayes’s foot got caught on something and he stumbled.

“What the….” Hayes said.

Looking down they saw a dead cat. Blood ran across the floor. A large section of its abdomen was missing, like something had taken a huge bite out of it going right through the ribcage.

On the wall near the dead cat were five red streaks as if the fingers of a huge bloodied hand had been wiped across the smooth surface. Deep scrapes in the concrete followed the streaks of blood.

The girls cried out disgustedly.

Angelica’s hair stood up on the back of her neck, and she was overcome with a feeling of dread and fear. She felt she was being warned of a real danger. She yelled, “Let’s get out of here!”

There was no arguing as they turned around, but before they could start towards the exit, they heard deep, thunderous, booming, echos moving towards them. The sound of the footfalls sped up as the unknown specter closed in.

As they ran the lighter went out once more, plunging them into the dark abyss. The shadows rejoiced as their nemesis was extinguished and they rushed to surround the small company of outsiders who had invaded their keep. The darkness and fear, encroached upon their minds. Angelica, Juliet and Hayes raced forward in a straight line, blind to their surroundings as the sounds of pursuit closed in behind them.

I can’t believe this is really happening! This is just like my nightmares! I hope what is chasing us is not the same as what I dreamed! The thoughts screamed in Angelica’s mind.

They sprinted the remaining distance as fast as they could. All of them were in good shape, but whatever was behind was catching up. In the distance ahead they could make out the gates as the pale moonlight shone through the thick iron bars.

Suddenly, Juliet cried out as she tripped and fell. Hayes and Angelica turned back to help her. They frantically called for her as they swept their hands blindly from side to side before finally catching her uplifted arms. They desperately pulled Juliet to her feet, and sprinted off once again. Whatever was behind them was getting close now. As they continued forward, pale moonlight barely silhouetted the gate ahead revealing their only exit.

Angelica practically dove through the bent bars and slammed into the far wall, hitting her head. Lights danced before her eyes as her head throbbed from the pain as she gasped trying to catch her breath.

Hayes had stopped only long enough to help his sister through, anxiously looking back over his shoulder as the thunderous footfalls of the purser closed in, “THUD! THUD! THUD!” Deep breaths could be heard amongst the footfalls like the bellows from a blacksmith’s shop sucking air in and out. With each exhale they could hear a deep growl.

Once Juliet had made it safely through, Hayes held onto the bars as he put his right leg between the bent section. He struggled to squeeze his torso through the narrow opening, but found himself stuck. He realized his flashlight was caught on the bars. He struggled to break free. Juliet and Angelica were screaming now as they grabbed his right arm and pulled!

Hayes took one quick glance behind him, a huge shadow loomed, barely visible in the dim light of the passageway. Hayes quickly grabbed the flashlight and flung it across the floor with a clatter of metal on concrete. Finally, his body broke free of the bars and the three of them landed on top of one another in a pile against the far wall.

Mere seconds later, a large hairy figure slammed into the gate. Clawed hands grasped the bars and shook them violently back and forth. Heavy breaths and growls emanated from its large-fanged mouth. Blood rand down its hairy jaw and dripped upon the floor. The heat of its breath and the smell of rot hit them in a sickening wave. Its massive shoulders heaved, and its muscles rippled beneath the hair as it pushed violently towards them. The metal of the bars screeched in protest and bent outward as far as the thick chains would allow. Bits of concrete around the hinges fell to the floor as the iron bolts threatened to relinquish themselves from the stones’ embrace.

But the gates held. The creature slowly stood to its full height, easily seven feet tall. Red eyes opened wide as it sneered. The crimson orbs revealed only madness and rage. Thick saliva dripped from its tongue. Without warning, a large claw shot out from the bars and stopped only inches from Angelica’s face, clenching and unclenching. The creature struggled against the chained gate, its clawed feet leaving gouges in the hard concrete as its hideous mouth released a deafening roar.

All three screamed as they ran towards the parking lot. A terrifying howl echoed from the bunker behind them. They sped back towards Gulf Breeze with the light of the full moon at their backs.


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